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Arizona’s Own Regarded Entrepreneur, Jason Hope — Backing Research to Rejuvenate Humanity

From the young to the middle-aged, there is this subject of aging you will eventually face without choice. Whether you prepare yourself now or delay until later is the difference in successful aging versus meeting an unhealthy lifestyle. Many of our scientists and health experts have organizations in place to offer information on preventive measures that individuals might consider in planning at present.

Just take notice of these conditions, such as Parkinson’s, cancer, cellular damage, Alzheimer’s and the listing are increasing. Thus, analysts are baffled by these diseases, but Emerging Regenerative Medicine Solutions (SENS) is working on a strategy to stop or minimize the number of these illnesses. Even so, what works well with SENS’s useful research is having the support of America’s philanthropists.

Arizona’s very own regarded entrepreneur, Jason Hope is one of those philanthropists — backing research to rejuvenate humanity. Furthermore, Mr. Hope is passionate about people having a wholesome lifestyle, whether you’re in the middle-aged group, 50 years old or passing 60. Indeed, he has displayed that same zeal to the SENS foundation by giving half $1 million in its pursuit to tackle anti-aging.

Also, Jason Hope is futuristic and an investor in technological innovation. Relatively, this comment applies towards his profile as a skilled futurist. Yes, he has an enthusiastic interest in Arizona’s politics and the nation. Nevertheless, Hope uses technology for humanity’s gain by continually coming up with better advancements.

Plus, Mr. Hope gives college undergraduates and high-school students’ grants to start up their purposes while waiting for an opportunity in the industry. The philanthropist says he is always on the lookout for projects and organizations he can further support with his time, resources, and influence. In fact, Mr. Hope’s technology career has focused on various avenues in development and research.

He’s currently living in Scottsdale, Arizona, and is significantly giving to long-established organizations. His aim and compassion are to see Arizona communities thrive. Of course, as an Arizona native, Jason Hope was raised in Tempe and finished at Arizona State University with a degree in finance. During a range of interviews, Mr. Hope explained about his business start after completing his college schooling. Further, he discussed the motivation he received from the technologies of mobile communication.

With his MBA from the University of Arizona, he started a small business in portable technology — a mobile communications company, Jawa. Furthermore, Jason Hope makes a successful living off his investment portfolios, which consist of many software service providers. However, Jawa would be Hope’s entrepreneurial method in connecting with works, places, and people through this growing technology.

Although there was doubt, he stayed positive while working through problems and challenges. So, as Jason Hope stayed on his toes and had confidence in the system, the entrepreneur eventually crafted his professional network.

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