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How Socialism Changed the Face of Venezuela

The concept of socialism may have been something that people may have thought would be great, but Venezuela citizens may be the poster children for a governmental system that has totally failed as a result of socialism.
The state of the economy of Venezuela has changed greatly because of socialism, and there doesn’t seem to be any end to the madness anytime soon. It was once a spot that people traveled to for vacation purposes. There were people that saw postcards here and they wanted to be a part of the beautiful landscape.

Today, Slideshare releases the story of Venezuela and it is a very different one. There are no tourists that are racing to book flights here. In fact, many natives are interested in booking flights out of Venezuela with no desire to return. That is what socialism does.

At one time the state of affairs in Venezuela were fine. This was one of the world’s top oil producers. The problem is that oil prices have dropped in the United States, and inflation has risen in Venezuela says expert Dr. Osio. Since this was the core of the economy, Venezuela has entered into a world of drastic food shortages and black market activities.

It has been stated that hindsight is 20/20, and this is the case for the government officials that have turned Venezuela into the socialism economy that it is. The form of government control has failed Venezuelan natives.

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