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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

In regards to the Manse on Marsh, which is an assisted living facility, they like to let their actions do all of the talking for them. They like to feel as though they are not just going to say things and not back them up. That is not their style and that is not their game. Their style is to be upfront with each and every person that enters their assisted living facility. They are honest with the family members as well. They want them to know what to expect for the person that is closest to them. After all, they are concerned and worried about them, and they want to make sure everything is going to be on the up and up.

As soon as they walk into the Manse on Marsh, they get this feeling of home, which is a hard feeling to replicate. However, The Manse on Marsh has done it and that is because they have a staff that is top notch. No one is going to work for them unless they pass the test. They have to have patience, they have to care, and they have to truly love the job, and have an interest in it. Again, actions speak louder than words and right now, they have won “The Caring Star” award, which is a big honor.

It is a team effort at this facility. They go out of their way to assemble a team that can handle anyone and everyone that is there. Everyone is different and that is the beauty of the world that is around today. People are not the same and they have different needs and wants. Because of this, it is important to take the time to get it right and they do get it right. The award says it all. People have voted on this and these are residents and family members.

If they were unhappy, they would say they were unhappy and they would talk about why they were unhappy. Instead, they are raving about the place and saying what a life-changing experience it was for them.

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