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Craft Beer Pioneer Eli Gershkovitch

Craft beer is one of the most preferred pub beverages among Canadians. That’s why innovative brewer, Eli Gershkovitch, was inspired to open up Steamworks Brew Pub back in 1995, eight years after he had visited several craft beer breweries in Europe. As his pub began to attract more customers, he expanded the seating capacity in the establishment to accommodate them.


Eli Gershkovitch’s Steamworks Brew Pub differs from other Canadian breweries in the sense that, just as its name suggests, a steam-powered method is used in order to make the beer. This production method gives the beer a unique and interesting flavor that is of high quality. Some of the types of craft beers that are offered include ones named Red Pacer Pale Ale and Glutenberg Belgian Double.


Before Eli Gershkovitch became a successful brewer and the founder and CEO of Steamworks, he was a lawyer. He also became a pilot, having obtained his license in 1993. His accomplishments can be attributed to his ability to stay passionate about what he wants to excel at. He feels that whether a business stays small or grows bigger depends on the desire of the person who is running the business.


Every year, brewers from all over the world come to the U.S. to compete in an event called the U.S. Open Beer Championship (LinkedIn). Eli Gershkovitch and many other Canadian craft beer brewers take part in this competition, and this year, Canadians won a total of 24 medals in a number of categories.


Born on July 4, 1975, Eli Gershkovitch attended and graduated from law school, then he later went on to take art classes at a university in Grenoble. After he worked in the legal field for a while, he decided to take on this new career in the beer industry by starting his own brewing company, then later opening his pub.

Eli Gershkovitch resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, and his Steamworks Brew Pub is located in Toronto, Ontario. In his spare time, he likes to fly small airplanes and collect antique cars. His business continues to grow, and he always looks forward to competing in the U.S. Open Beer Championship each year.


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