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Trump’s Tariffs on China – What that Means for Intellectual Property says Kamil Idris

Hard Hits

Trump is not exactly known for subtlety or finesse. He has proven this once again as he moves forward with some pretty strong tariffs against China. These hard-hitting tariffs Trump claims, are because he believes that China’s U.S. technology acquisitions are, “harmful and unfair“. Where is he getting this information?

Well according to an article written by professor Kamil Idris, former Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization, the United States Trade Representative’s 2017 report, China stealing of American IP’s has already resulted in anywhere from 225 million, to 600 billion dollars. These new tariffs installed by the Trump administration are meant to be a punishment, and to curve the damages already done by the stealing of IPs. This has caused some uproar around the world and is sure to drum up some tension between these two nations, both of which already have an uneasy relationship.

Making Good on a Promise

While most presidents are famous for not doing what they said they would to get elected, Trump seems to be at least making good on part of his promises. It seems as if he will after all be putting a 25% tariff on steel imports, and a 10% import tariff on aluminum. Interestingly enough however, China and Mexico have been left out of these new tariff enforcement.

It seems that Trump has eased up on his campaign against immigration, and instead is trying to foster more peace and harmony between Mexico and America. He has also excluded the always gregarious Canada from these tariffs. Some believe that this will cause a trade war, while others think it is a great way to get America producing internally again, and keep the wealth in the country’s walls and in the hands of the citizens of the United States once again.

An Educated Approach

Professor Kamil Idris, former Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization has been following this story closely. A Sudanese statesman, he holds a bachelor’s degree in law and is still heavily involved in international political affairs. Representatives like him want an educated and balanced approach to international policies.



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