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Hawks Former Owner, Bruce Levenson, is Suing

The former owner of the Hawks has decided to take out a lawsuit against the insurance company that disclosed information that they should not have. He believes that there was a breach in the contract when they gave out information that they should not have. It was something that they did maliciously.

Bruce Levenson owned the Hawks in combination with a partner for a few years. He profited off of them while he was the owner, but his partner and him recently sold the team to a different owner. This was done so that they could make more profit and so that they would be able to benefit from what they had built the team up to in the time that they owned it. As an entrepreneur, Levenson knew that this was the right choice for the team and for what he wanted to get out of owning the team.

According to, before it was sold, there was an insurance company that gave information to other people. These were people who were looking for more information because they possibly wanted to buy the team. The insurance company was not authorized to give out this information and it was a breach in the privacy contract that they had in place with Levenson and his partner. It was a major issue and one that Levenson is still reeling from because he knows that it was wrong that they did this and that they were doing it with the intent to be malicious about the business that they had.

When the lawsuit came out, many people thought that it had to do with the current owner. Both the insurance company and Bruce Levenson have assured everyone that it has nothing to do with the new owners. They were not a part of the problem and they are not involved in the suit. The only people who are involved with it are the Bruce Levenson camp and the insurance company that breached the contract. He is suing them for millions of dollars because the privacy of the business and the team was compromised as a result of their information.

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