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The Renowned Brown Modelling Agency

The Brown Modelling Agency was launched in October 2015 in Austin, Texas. This was a re-launch following the merging of Heyman Talent-South and Wilhelmina Austin after Justin Austin took over. Brown Modelling Agency is the market leader specializing in modelling and commercial talent agency. According to Market Wired, as a matter of fact, the industry leader has worked with the renowned brands of the world such as Louis Vuitton, L’oreal, and other eminent companies.

Tips that have helped Brown Modelling Agency Stay at the Top

  1. Experience

With Justin Austin Brown in control, the agency has grown with an impressive record where it has since participated in countless events. Being in a very competitive market industry, Brown Modelling Agency has maintained as the best company in the sector because of Justin Brown’s experience in the past years. Brown knows the rules of the game in agency operations because he had obtained the knowledge from his own business when he was in charge of Wilhelmina Austin.

  1. Network

While there are a few modelling agencies in Texas, the Brown Agency is the only one that provides full-service agency. Moreover, the company is headquartered in Texas and also has its presence in Los Angeles. It is with the merging of the two agencies that has seen its’ growth to a more substantial entity altogether and with a broader portfolio for clients of experienced talent. Also, the company prides itself in variety where it specializes in fashion, commercial, television, and print.

  1. Clients

Brown Agencies offers the best talent to its clients. They have invested heavily in delivering the most promising, qualified, and elegant talent to fit international standards. Consequently, it is by their proficient delivery that has seen the likes of well-known brands such as DELL, Toyota as their clients. Some of the significant events that the agency has participated in include; Austin Fashion week, New York fashion week, Dallas fashion week, and many others.

  1. Talent

Primarily, the Brown Modelling Agencies prides itself on talent delivery where they select the best models and prep them professionally with international standards. Further, the agency is responsible for finding work for the models by representing them to the designers, photographers and advertising agencies. This is why Justin Brown keeps on saying that the agency is only as good as its’ talent. Indeed, this is why Brown Modelling Agencies operates at a world-class level.

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