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Jason Hope Biotechnology Research

Jason Hope Biotechnology Research

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and futurist who believes in bringing positive changes in the business industry and the society at large by use of technology. He was born in Arizona and brought up in Tempe. He is a graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in finance. Mr. Jason Hope is also an MBA holder from the ASU W.P. School of Business. Mr. Hope is a philanthropist who has given out a considerable amount of his fortune out to people to further their ideas. He wants to see young people embrace the gift of technology and use it to develop things for the betterment of the future. He is widely recognized due to his campaign in development of an anti-aging remedy.Jason Hope has given out vast amounts of money to SENS to aid in the development of a working anti-aging solution.

SENS in a nonprofit making organization that was created in 2009 with the aim of treating aging and its associated ailments. During its creation, Jason Hope was clear that the primary aim of the foundation to curb aging entirely.Mr. Jason Hope believes that it is better to prevent the occurrence of a disease rather than treating it after it has already happened. Therefore, SENS is more active in developing aging prevention remedies instead of curative solutions.In 2010, Mr. Jason Hope donated $500,000 to SENS Foundation. The group used these funds to develop their Cambridge SENS Laboratory. The also used a portion of the funds in research to develop more solutions towards aging prevention.

During the donation, Mr. Jason Hope emphasized on the need to further develop healthcare by incorporating technology. He praised SENS Foundation for their concerted efforts in applying technology directly in its operations as a means of improving service delivery and innovation.He also urges research institutes such as SENS Foundation to continue working hard and bring solutions that will help people live disease-free lives. Jason Hope dreams of a future where conditions such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, heart complications and Parkinson’s disease will be no more. He sees an application of technology as the key towards a realization of this.Mr. Jason Hope doesn’t just offer financial support to SENS. He also uses his influence to help them to access other bodies that can aid their cause in curbing aging. He also encourages other foundations to embrace rejuvenation biotechnology. He sees it as the future of the medical industry and believes that institutions that incorporate this technology into their operations have a bright future.

Adam Goldenberg Reshaping Fashion

Along with his partner, Don Ressler, Adam Goldberg is the CEO and founder of JustFab, one of the hottest online retailers for trendy fashion. While fashion was not a particular passion for either Ressler or Goldberg, they were able to take their experience and talent in business to the next level to launch JustFab as one of the top online fashion retailers in the world. As described by Matrix Partners, Adam Goldenberg is one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs and professionals in general in the business world today.

Goldenberg has a very impressive professional pedigree to go along with his unparalleled business acumen. He served as the president of Brentwood Cosmetics, LLC and Alena, LLC since January 2004. Adam Goldenberg also has the unique distinction of being the youngest chief operating officer of a publicly traded company from his position at Intermix Media, Inc. beginning in October 2001. He even founded his own company in 1997 at the age of 16 called Gamer’s Alliance, Inc.

One way that Goldenberg has been able to revolutionize the world of online retail shopping is through the subscription model he set up for JustFab. To make sure that he was offering a product that was relevant and trendy for women, Goldenberg enlisted the help of some of the top names in fashion design to be the creative force behind JustFab’s amazing product lines. This includes Kimora Lee Simmons, who joined the company as its president and creative director. Before joining the JustFab team, Kimora was responsible for developing Baby Phat into an incredibly successful fashion brand. Adam Goldenberg has been able to harness her talent to deliver superior products at reasonable rates and with an element of a personalized online shopping experience that truly connects with customers.

JustFab continues to stand out from other fashion retailers thanks to Adam Goldenberg’s ability to assemble some of the brightest minds and experienced professionals in the fashion business. Under Goldenberg’s leadership, JustFab has greatly expanded its product lines and has made a lasting connection with its customers in terms of providing clothing items and fashion accessories that are cutting edge and high in quality. JustFab has been able to keep its prices at a very affordable level without sacrificing the quality of the construction of its clothing items. This has earned quite a loyal customer base for the company and a high number of positive reviews online for its products. See:

Brian Bonar: An Innovative Entrepreneur And Successful Businessman

Brian Bonar is Dalrada Financial Corporation’s Chairman and CEO. He is recognized as a leader in his field. In fact, has received the highest honor in the professional networking community. Cambridge Publishing named him their 2010/2011 Executive of the Year for finance. This is a major honor.

Only two men and two women from each discipline are included in the Cambridge Who’s Who® Registry each year. The company considers a number of factors in order to make their decision. Three of the most important things they look at are a person’s leadership abilities, their academic achievements, as well as their professional accomplishments. Bonar proved to be outstanding in all of these areas.  Learn more about Brian Bonar: and

Part of the reason Brian Bonar was selected Executive of the Year is his almost 30 years of exemplary work within the financial services industry. His success in professional financial management is evident when one considers the quality of the work he has done over the past 10 years as Dalrada Financial Corporation’s Chairman and CEO.

Under Bonar’s leadership the company provides the highest quality risk management insurance, promotional, financial, and business management services, and employee benefits. Bonar and Dalrada also offer aftermarket products and many other benefits for both employers and employees.

Bonar and his company have long been recognized by their peers and industry watchers as leaders in the field. Not only for his work with Dalrada Financial Corporation, but also for his work with Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc. and Allegiant Professional Business Service Inc. Read more: Brian Bonar – and Brian Bonar | Whitepages

Through his role as president and/or CEO of all of these companies, Brian Bonar has earned the admiration of many for his marketing strategy and his ability to improve business efficiency. He’s also has experience with mergers & acquisitions, new business development, sales, and forming strategic partnerships.

Brian Bonar attended Strathclyde University in Glasgow Scotland where he earned his BSC in Mechanical Engineering. He then studied International Business Development Studies at Stafford University in England and earned an MBA and a PhD. Bonar spent 18 years with IBM Europe, then held positions in marketing, sales, and product development with companies like AMS Outsourcing, itec imaging technologies, Adaptec, Rastek Corporation, and QMS.

In 1994 he founded the printer technology company Bezier Systems and the trajectory of his life changed. Bonar went on to found and run a series of successful companies in a wide range of industries.

Brian Bonar has was also awarded the honorary title of Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, Cardiff, Wales and was also listed in the 2000 edition of Who’s Who in America. He spends his free time with the Boys and Girls Club, Children’s Museum, and Lion’s Club of Escondido. He also enjoys boating, golfing and family.

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