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Gold And Silver Coins Have A Safe Haven Appeal According To U.S. Money Reserve President Philip Diehl

People have always been attracted to coins. And it’s not just American coins that collectors want to collect. Foreign coins are in demand around the world. Gold and silver coins have been collectors’ items for centuries, but now that gold and silver prices have exploded collecting coins for their investment value is fashionable.

People in other cultures have always been attracted to gold and silver coins. Tales of shipwrecks being discovered with tons of gold and silver coins on board continue to fascinate coin collectors like Philip Diehl. Philip Diehl is the president of U.S. Money Reserve. U. S. Money Reserve is the largest distributors of American and foreign gold, platinum, and silver coins. There has never been a better time to collect coins, according to Diehl.

The old days of passing gold coins down to the grandchildren because they didn’t increase in value are over. Diehl told Enterprise Radio that gold and silver coins are the new investment vehicles,

The price of silver continues to increase for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is the fact that silver is considered a safe-haven for money. A safe haven investment is an investment that either increases or holds its value during tough economic times.

Every investor needs safe haven investments in their portfolio, according to Diehl and that’s what U.S. Money Reserve is offering their clients. Silver and gold prices are outpacing stock prices in 2016 by more than 40 percent according to Mr. Diehl. Read more: US Money Reserve | LinkedIn

The recent Enterprise Radio interview with Diehl was published by, and in that article Phil Diehl said silver prices are making other investments look sick. Silver prices are outpacing gold prices in 2016.

The attraction that Diehl talks about when he mentions coins like the American Silver Eagle and American Gold coins is hard to overlook. U.S. Money Reserve is offering their clients a precious metal based IRA program, and the response has been better than expected. Silver and gold coins from around the world are the new safe havens for investors that have been burned by typical IRA programs in the past.

If another recession does hit the United States, and the economic experts say it’s coming sooner than later, precious metal coins will hold or increase in value. There not many other investments that are not tied to economic changes or government policies.

One thing is certain in these uncertain economic times. U.S. Money Reserve has a precious metal IRS program that fits every investment budget. Philip Diehl thinks everyone should have gold and silver coins in their portfolio. Silver and Gold coins are the prudent investments that speaks quietly but carry great return potential, according to Diehl.

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