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While straight razors are traditionally used for shaving, they are also excellent at cutting straight hair. Stylists agree that the hair benefits from feeling softer and easier to manage. Stylists love using straight razors by Donald Scott NYC because they are high quality and easy to use.


Razor cuts and scissor cuts use different techniques. The hair is held differently, and it is cut in a contrary motion. Razors are usually used to soften the look of a hair cut. In contrast, scissors are better at giving a clean cut. Hairstyles achieved with a razor are organic and delicate. Razors provide hair with angled ends, movement, and texture. In addition, long layers look wonderful with this hair cutting technique.


Obviously, razors are dangerously sharp. Fortunately, straight razors by Donald Scott NYC are safe, effective, and patented. They have a built-in blade guard to prevent injuries. In addition, the Blade Club by Donald Scott NYC is a very popular service. Razors are supposed to be thrown away after every use. This means stylists run out of razors quickly. The Blade Club bu Donald Scott NYC offers a mailing subscription for razors so that stylists don’t run out of razors. Join today!

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