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Securus Technologies Uncovering Drugs Inside Our Prison

Despite the best efforts of me and my entire team of corrections officers, drugs do still manage to get into our facility and into the hands of those inmates. Each time this happens, every person is in grave danger. We are not just talking about me and my fellow officers, all visitors, staff members, and inmates too, all at risk of injury when you add drugs into a volatile situation. Now we do have several resources that we use to stop the flow of these drugs, some more effective than others.


We know that the majority of drugs must come in through the visitor center, so we have a strong police presence there as well as several stations where we search the visitors and inmates alike. When we think something may have slipped by, we do surprise cell inspections to try and locate the drugs the inmates may be hiding in plain sight. These two have been very effective at controlling the flow of drugs, and we have one more that has proven to be even more resourceful than we originally thought.


Securus Technologies placed our call monitoring system in this facility, and now we can monitor inmate calls easier than any other time in the past. The system is designed to quickly do the work of several officers, and it allows my team to focus on those other areas and then come back when we get an alert there is talk about drugs on the phone. We want to strike when the iron is hot in those cases.


We have heard inmates talking about the ease in which they can get drugs in the mail, so we tightened up that area. We heard inmates talking about hiding drugs in the yard, we found them and now monitor all inmate activity in the yard more closely now.


Securus Technologies Clears the Patent Rights Issue with GTL

Securus Technologies is a firm, which deals with the provision of secure and reliable civil and criminal justice technology. The company has its operations based in Texas, and it serves more than 3000 correction facilities, penitentiaries, and prisons. Securus Technologies offers technology to those facilities, which allow prisoners to keep in touch with their families and friends. Their technology is also helpful in cases of emergencies. The technology is also substantially in helping in record keeping. Providing inmates with such services in crucial under the United States law. Securus services are also leveraged to propagate public safety.


Richard Smith, the firm’s Chief Executive Officer, announced that the company had made a significant acquisition of a fast growing company, Jpay in 2015. According to Securus’ CEO, the acquisition would foster Securus Technologies’ upscaling of its technological innovations and as such, offer excellently reliable services to the prison industry. The firm intended to provide its services to 33 additional facilities.


Securus Technologies issued a press release on February 22, 2016. The press release was designed to correct some inaccuracies inherent in GTL’s press release dated February 19.

GTL leveled claims that the PTAB served as the final decision makers and had made a ruling against Securus Technologies. The United States law offers a chance for an appeal, which would otherwise render the decision of the PTAB legal before the appeal. Apparently, GTL insinuated that Securus Technologies played down the PTAB members. Securus Technologies stood against the statement as its impact on the suit would be negative.


GTL ultimately failed to honor a technology challenge supplied to them. Apparently, GTL was disturbed with the idea that they would lose. The significant investment in technology by Securus is an indicator that they will continue to create more innovations. The legality for filing for a patent regarding any product is indisputable. Thus, the seeking of a patent by Securus Technologies for an $800 million software is merited. For a long time, Securus has been providing technology to law enforcement agencies to help manage correction facilities.


Securus Technologies, Inc. Acquires JPay, Inc.

Securus Team and JPay are teaming up to provide a digitized and ultimate platform for payment, entertainment, communications, and education in the correctional market. Securus announced that it signed a purchase agreement to acquire JPay. JPay is the company that introduced email, electronic payments, and a host of education and entertainment-related apps to the correctional market. The company operates in 33 state inmate systems.


These transactions have thirsted the company into a fast-growing segment of the corrections industry. Email, payments, and inmate tablets are some of the products provided by the corporation. Securus is set to offer high-end software-based solutions needed in the correctional market for a modernized jail. The company admires JPay as a force of motivation in the industry. For some time, we have been watching the success of the enterprise. This was the best time to combine efforts for better productivity. When you want the best price for the best products, there is a clear choice now that provides the best security with reduced recidivism.


Ryan Shapiro, the JPay CEO, says that they are eager to expand their capabilities and market. Their products provide particular value to every constituent. The prison family, staff, friends and inmates benefit from these services. Their main focus is to develop state-of-the-art products gaining adoption in the market on a massive scale. While secures Technologies supports us, all our dreams will come true with time.


The company‚Äôs vision is upheld by the team of workers. They develop products that make jails more efficient, safer and make the inmate’s valuable citizens once they leave the premises. Secures values the JPay team and culture. This means that they will support all their course to make a brighter future. However, Securus deep relations and will prove to be advantageous to JPay. JPay is based in Florida. It provides inmate email, payments, and tablet products.

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