Save Our Swings

Jose Manuel Gonzalez Makes it His Mission to Save Venezuela

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is an outspoken Venezuelan politician and businessperson. His deep involvement in agriculture has made him concerned about the current state of the food supply in Venezuela. In addition to that, he also has concerns about the failing state of the economy. He believes that the sorry condition of the economy and food sector is because of the mismanagement of the country by the government.
Mr. Jose Manuel Gonzalez has made it his mission to better the state of Venezuela. He does this by speaking up for the rights and needs of not only his constituents, but also the people of Venezuela in general calling for the need for reforms. His endeavors have made him a popular man with the commoners. A majority of the people of Venezuela see him as a person that has their best interest at heart and an individual who has in him the skill set and ideas to make Venezuela a great country. Mr. Gonzalez hates to see citizens of a country that has fertile soils and hardworking and intelligent persons suffer because of a government that is corrupt and poor at managing the country’s resources.
Mr. Gonzalez’s does not only enjoy the support of the ordinary people, but also enjoys that of twenty Venezuelan political organizations. These organizations include Democratic Action, the Christian Party, the Democratic Republican Union, Progressive Advance, Movement for Socialism and Project Venezuela.
Jose Manuel Gonzalez was born in a rural village in Venezuela and it is only later in life that he moved to Caracas. While there, he pursued his education. He also was able to lead companies like SGL Technic, Bridco, Thomas Pipe and Americ Traders. His successful leadership at the companies enabled him gain trust as a financier and opened up the doors to politics. He was appointed the head of the Venezuelan Federation of Chamber and Commerce and served as the representative to the National Assembly for the people of Guarico. His high positions in life did not make him lose touch with the common person.

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