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A Man Of Many Things; Shafik Sachedina

Many people may think of Shafik Sachedina as one of the co-founders of the Sussex Healthcare company. While this is true there are other things that he has done over the years to help his community and make sure that things are on the right track.

He was born in Tanzania in 1950. His passion was becoming a surgeon and he made that dream come true in the early to mid-seventies when he graduated from Guy’s Hospital and Dental school. This is one of the many things that he does for people.

Shafik Sachedina is more than just a dentist. He is also a philanthropist and hopes to expand the roles of his people in the world today. He worked at the Institute for Ismaili Studies and helped spread the word about the religion of Islam. He achieved this by writing articles and journals. Thanks to his efforts, the Institute has one of the largest collections of books and other writings about the Islamic culture and religious studies.

After his stint at the Institute, Shafik Sachedina wanted to look for something that would be meaningful and help people at the same time. In 1985, that dream came to fruition when he and Shiraz Boghani founded Sussex Healthcare. He makes sure that all of the people who live under the dome of the company get proper dental care. In the twenty-five years since Sussex has made sure to provide top-level service to older people still wanting to hold on to their independence. The company also provides other services like in-home visits or for those living in the facilities access to many different social activities. These are just a few of the things that Shafik Sachedina and his team have given the residents of London.

Shafik Sachedina is a man of many different talents. He is a philanthropist, writer and he cares about people. These are a few of the reasons that his name will be long remembered in the communities that he touched. He not only took charge, he was able to expand opportunities for young and old alike in the world.


Anthony Petrello- Journey To Creation Of The First Neurological Research Center In Texas

Tony Petrello is a philanthropist and a prominent CEO in the oil and natural gas drilling industry. He is a husband and father to a daughter named Carena. His wife is named Cynthia. In the 1990s, they had the joy of welcoming their baby daughter, Carena. Being their first born, they were excited that finally, they would be parents raising up a kid who they have wished to emulate them.

The CEO was ready to give his daughter the best upbringing. He did not want her to face the challenges that he faced when he was growing up, being born in a humble family came with a set of challenges. Carena was lucky his parents had worked hard to provide her with the bests things in life.

When Carena was born, the joy the anticipated was nowhere to be seen. First of all, she was born prematurely, weighing 20 ounces. At the same time, she developed a condition known as Cerebral Palsy. This condition affected his whole body. While growing up, she could not eat solid foods until she reached seven years old.

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Cerebral palsy normally affects the movement of body muscles. Mostly its effects include the inability to talk and walk. The muscles are normally too stiff to move. Generally, a victim of this problem suffers from lack of coordination.

After seeing the hard life their daughter was going through, Tony and Cynthia Petrello decided that it would be important to start something that could offer a solution to their daughter and other children suffering from. Anthony Petrello has a history of being a hard worker and someone who does not give up. When he decided to start an initiative that would see a solution for neurological disorders in children invented, he went full throttle, providing all he could, to one of the research centers in Texas.

There is a facility at the Texas Children’s Hospital known as Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. Tony Petrello identified this facility as the one which he would support. He contributed $5 million and a promise of adding another $2 million. The hospital put the funds towards the development of the research center to support research work on neurological disorders in children.

This facility is fully operational and offers medical solutions to children from all over the world. The doctors in this facility continue to research on what is the root cause of some neurological disorders such as cerebral palsy.

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George Soros is Still a Guiding Light in The Financial World

Everyone has no doubt heard of George Soros at this point. He was the one man whose name seemed to be uttered by the media more than both candidates combined during the 2016 United States Presidential election. Soros is an avid supporter of progressive political agendas, and works diligently with a great many philanthropic and charitable organizations all over the world to help those less fortunate to have a better life. He is also a driving force behind a great deal of social activism and justice activities in the US.

So how did a man who was born in Hungary in 1930 come to be one of the most respected, wealthiest, and powerful individuals in the world today? The simple answer is through hard work and determination, not to mention careful choices, and a natural talent for being able to look at the bigger picture no matter what the subject was. Born a Jew in Budapest right before the occupation of Hungary by the Nazis, George didn’t have a traditional childhood. He had to struggle to survive, along with his family and countless others, in the face of unspeakable oppression. Read more about George’s life story at

When he was older he fled the country, and headed to England where he soon took a job as a railroad porter, and later a waiter, in order to not only support himself but to attend the London School of Economics. After graduating, he was able to get his first job in the world of finance when he took a position at a merchant bank. From here he built a reputation for having a talent with numbers and the growing of money. He soon found himself being in demand and moved to New York City, where he started his first fun in 1969 with only $12M. The fund, which would later be known as the Quantum Fund, would prove to be one of the most successful of its time, and out of its success grew the foundations of Soros Fund Management. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

SFM, George Soros’ family firm, currently has over $30B in assets in holding and is considered to be one of the most respected fund management organizations in the world. Recently, Soros made a move to ensure that it stays that way for the long-term future when he appointed Dawn Fitzpatrick as SFM’s new CIO. In the position, Fitzpatrick, the seventh CIO since 2000 for the firm, will helm all portfolio activities and help to ensure that the excellence and success that Soros Fund Management is known for remains unequaled.

George Soros is a man who is well known for a wide variety of reasons, but it is safe to say that he is a man of many layers whose brilliance and devotion to the public good are still being discovered by most. George Soros is a great example of a model human being, who has persevered and overcome and in the journey he has taken found a way to give back without reservation.

A Quick Look at George Soros Efforts in Ensuring Political and Societal Reforms

George Soros is a successful investor, business mogul, and a philanthropist. Soros was born in Hungary and studied at the London School of Economics. His career began while at the London School of Economics when he worked as a railway porter and waited and later served at a merchant bank. He later moved to the U.S where he founded Hedge Fund in 1969. The organization became one of the most successful firms of the time. Soros will forever be remembered for breaking the Bank of England in 1992 when he shortened the British Pound to make billions in profit. It later rebranded Quantum Fund. In his life, he has given over $ 12 billion to organizations committed to ensuring freedom of expression, accountability of governments, transparency, and societies devoted to ensuring equality and justice. In 2017 Forbes estimated Soros to be worth $ 25.2 billion, meaning that he has donated a figure equivalent to half his real time wealth. Learn more about George at

Soros Charitable Causes

Having experienced the Nazi occupation before escaping to London, Soros grew up with a commitment to fight problems that could bring about mass killing of innocent souls. The Hungarian Born American business magnate began his philanthropic activities in 1979. His first donation was during the apartheid rule in South Africa, where he gave scholarships to black South African. He also created the Central European University after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Creation of the University encouraged critical thinking, which was not accepted in the Soviet nations. Soros will sink in history as the man who funded the cultural exchanges between Western and Easter Europe, an exercise that helped restore peace in the Soviet states.

After the end of the cold war, his charitable causes expanded to reach the United States, Africa, and Asia. His donations have since then aimed at creating transparent, accountable and democratic communities as well as solving some of the obstinate problems globally. Soros is the father of America’s medical marijuana movement. This came after he strongly criticized the war on drugs in the U.S. He has also supported attorneys representing unlawfully held individuals. Soros has also paid school fees for university students from marginalized groups. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

As a democratic supporter, Soros has spent millions of dollars in the 2016 presidential election. Being a staunch critic of Trump, he channeled millions of dollars to Clinton Campaign and PACs opposing Trump. Soros has donated a significant amount of money to see reforms in immigration, religious tolerance, and criminal justice. Outside his Foundation, George Soros has funded several independent organizations devoted to better politics and social life of marginalized groups. Some of the agencies that have benefited from George Soros funding include the Institute for New Economic Thinking, European Council on Foreign Relations, Global Witness and International Crisis Group.

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Jason Hope Donates $500,000 To SENS foundation

Entrepreneur Jason Hope has recently donated $500,000 to the SENS foundation, a medical research organization dedicated to finding rejuvenative therapies and novel treatments for the most serious conditions.

Hope has said the donation is earmarked for the study of atherosclerosis, a leading cause of death and disability in the United States. The Foundation has thanked Hope and expressed its gratitude, confirming that the donation will be put to good use and will be instrumental in the fight against degenerative disease.

Taking up the sword against atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is, by itself, perhaps the single most lethal disease process in the United States. Responsible for most heart attacks, strokes and even other less known but fatal diseases like kidney failure and mesenteric ischemia, atherosclerosis has cost trillions of dollars in lost productivity and its relentless scythe has cut into the lives of almost every family in the U.S.

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But what’s even more compelling about this disease is that the underlying biologic processes, the insult to veins and arteries followed by an inflammatory healing response, underpins a much broader scope of adverse health outcomes. In fact, it is increasingly recognized that the deleterious effects of inflammation, the chief means by which the body repairs damaged cells and tissues, underlie almost every major effect of aging.

The SENS institute has thus trained its talents on understanding the inflammatory response to damage at the molecular level, especially that caused by lipids, triglycerides and other substances found naturally in the body. With a deeper understanding of these fundamental disease processes, it is believed that in the future, the aging process itself may be slowed or even stopped in its tracks for significant periods of time. This could herald medical breakthroughs the likes of which have never been seen before.

Jason Hope believes strongly in the role of fundamental medical research that isn’t bound by the constraints of the free market, namely, the imperative to seek profits. While Hope is a strong advocate of entrepreneurship, he sees medical research as a field of monumental importance, too important to be laden with the extraneous considerations imposed by the market.

Dick DeVos Has Not Hesitated To Give Back To The Community

To say that the DeVos family is a generous group of entrepreneurs could be considered an understatement. This Michigan family has given back in excess of $1.2 billion over their lifetimes, and $94 million in 2014 alone, putting them into the top 20 in Forbes’s list of top givers for that year. Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy have made some of the most notable contributions to the Grand Rapids area, and to politically conservative groups around the nation. He was raised in a family that has had a heart for working together with others to help Grand Rapids become a great place to live, and as such he and Betsy have made the well-being of the city a priority.

Dick DeVos spent most of his business career helping run the family business, Amway Corporation. He started in 1974 when he was only 19, but he did the various managing jobs so well that he became a company vice president when he was only 29. When his father, who had headed up the business retired, Dick became the CEO, and under his leadership the company began to find new markets for business, and started opening up in over 50 countries. The business had done well enough that Dick stepped down in 2002 and joined the Windquest Group where he still works today.

The Dick and Betsy DeVos philanthropy has consisted of giving to a lot of Grand Rapids’s art centers, concert halls, libraries, museums, schools, and hospitals. Most notably, they support the Education Freedom Fund and have helped start organizations for school of choice. Dick DeVos has served on many boards, both for business and non-profit groups, and one of those boards is Grand Action. This committee is tasked with planning events and construction projects designed to rejuvenate downtown Grand Rapids.

Additionally, the DeVos’s have also served in Michigan’s Republican party both as active candidates and as contributors to conservative political causes. Betsy was chair of the state party at one time, while Dick decided to try to run for governor in 2006. The bid for the governorship was unsuccessful, but he has continued to fight for and get legislation passed in Lansing.

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