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Michael Phelps Feels Passionately About Talkspace

Michael Phelps is the new spokesman for Talkspace. It is something he feels passionately about, as he is a sufferer from mental illness himself. Talkspace is an online service that offers mental health care for a variety of illnesses. Michael Phelps knows what it is like to feel like there is nowhere to turn for help. There were days at a time he would stay inside his room and not talk to anyone. He felt that it would be weak to ask anyone for help. He know knows that is not true, and he wishes there had been a service like Talkspace for him to use. Check out this article of talkspace at

Talkspace is a confidential online service that uses fully qualified therapists to help people with their mental health issues. They connect with their patients through video chats and texts. It is a perfect service for people who cannot afford or access traditional mental health programs. Founder Oren Frank saw the need to give patients a place turn to in order to get top quality care. It is often difficult for sufferers to get help around them, as there is still a negative connotation to mental health issues. Talkspace offers their service for $79 a week. The fact that they have already helped over a million people shows that there are a lot of people who need their services.

They are looking to expand their practice, and they hope to soon be able to offer prescription medication. They are also looking to get employers involved, as there is a need for quality mental health care in all companies. In the companies that have partnered with Talkspace, up to 10% of employees have used the services.

Michael Phelps shows that anyone can suffer from mental illness, and he is also showing that it is important for people to ask for help. Talkspace is there for them to talk to.



Roseann Bennett: Extraordinary Contributor To The Mental Well-Being Of The American Population

For nearly seventy years, the American mental health industry designates the month of May, Mental Health Awareness Month. Family and marriage therapist, Roseann Bennett is a great contributor to the mental well-being of the American population while attempting to change the way mental health therapy is regarded and trying to make it accessible for all people. She is determined to help families and individual people get the mental health treatment they need, regardless of insurance or financial means.


A very experienced and highly trained mental health provider, Roseann Bennett has an MA and Ed.S. in family and marriage therapy she earned while attending Seton Hall University. She holds an LMFT (a license in marriage and family therapy); she was also awarded a post master’s certification in cognitive behavior therapy from the REACH Institute. She became certified as a Clinical Trauma Professional and a Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional. She is the founder and Executive Director of the Center for Assessment and Treatment, a non-profit mental health organization based in New Jersey.


Roseann Bennett is in charge of direction, leadership, and the coordination of agency programs as executive director. She has a pivotal part in the programs that are developed for various populations, she oversees the preparation of agency budgets and the accounting of funds. She also supervises and evaluates agency employees, creates developmental programs for staff members, which includes student training, and has made it possible for MFT and LAC interns to acquire licensure. As a family and marriage therapist with over a decade of experience, she has been responsible for case supervision, treatment planning, and crisis guidance for hundreds of clients. Go To This Page for more information.


One of the mental health problems Roseann Bennett has focused on is depression. A large portion of the people she has counseled are married couples that are contemplating divorce or separation because one of the partners is being plagued by depression. When counseling couples, she realizes that the main cause for the unhappiness in a relationship is chronic, untreated depression. While depression affects one partner, it has an effect on the other partner, the relationship as a whole, and the entire family unit. Based on her observations and analysis, Roseann Bennett estimates that close to 15 million American adults, or 7 percent of the American population, experiences major depression per year. Read more about Roseann Bennett of Center for Assessment and Treatment: Q&A



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Roseann Bennett: Placing The Spotlight On Marital Depression

Roseann Bennett is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Center of Assessment and Treatment. Working with families for over a decade, Roseann Bennett has helped to shine a light on mental depression.

Serving as the Northern Chapter President of the New Jersey Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, Roseann Bennett has helped many low-income families obtain the mental health care they need.

Read more about Bennett’s philanthropic activities on Hackettstown Couple Offering Scholarships Local Students

Depression is known to affect nearly 15 million American adults, yearly. According to Roseann Bennett, divorce doesn’t directly come from depression, but rather the lack of appropriate care, leading in turn to a feeling of distance and isolation to one partner–resulting in infidelity or divorce.


Depression is typically caused by a triggering event, such as a death in the family or the loss of a job. In a normal event a person will move on from the trigger and be back to their typical self after a few days. However, when a person suffers from episode after episode of depression, it is more likely linked to a change in the brain chemistry.


Typically, the depressed spouse pulls away from the marriage–resulting in the significant other feeling the strain of having to pick up the slack. This can make the significant other feel stressed, cheated and even cause resentment. The couple also finds their sex life soon dwindles, causing another instance of stress on the relationship.


The strain of the depression will eventually push the marriage apart. Resulting in the significant other seeking out a solid relationship elsewhere. However; the marriages that tend to work through this mental illness, are typically the ones that acknowledge the depression. Being honest and aware of what depression is and how it is contributing to each partners behavior allows for healing and moving forward. It is important to understand just how depression is affecting each partner as an individual and as a team. Visit This Page for more information.


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