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Will President Maduro Face A Recall?

President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela appears to be safe from a recall referendum. Venezuela’s Constitution does provide for recalling elected officials under certain circumstances. A movement was afoot to remove Maduro from his position. Based on recent comments made by Jose Manuel Gonzalez from Aristobulo Isturiz, Venezuela’s Vice President, it seems a recall is not likely to occur.
Isturiz gave several reasons why a recall was not in the cards for Maduro’s opponents. The opposition party that has been trying to remove Maduro had even noted repeatedly running a recall referendum would be an extremely difficult task and a burden. Many had hopes for the longshot ousting of Maduro. Perhaps the chances he will be recalled have not reached zero yet. “A political miracle may be required for such an outcome to happen” added Gonzalez.

The National Electoral Council (CNE) would be heavily involved with any attempts to recall Maduro. The CNE has many people loyal to the President on the staff. That would make processing any recall attempts incredibly difficult.

Maduro and his party have lost a lot of popularity in Venezuela due to the collapse of the economy. Venezuela is not in a recession or a depression. The country is on the verge of a total collapse. Rock-bottom oil prices and electricity shortages have led to the country’s miserable situation.

Worries have arisen about a military coup, bit nothing concrete seems to be occurring on that front. Who knows what will happen given the terrible state of the country’s economy.



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