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Alex Pall Reveals Some Of What Is Going On Behind The Scenes For The Chainsmokers

Recently, the Chainsmokers released their new track “Closer,” which fans have been waiting to hear for some time. Alex Pall was interviewed after the band released this new hit, and it looks as if the members of the group are looking to reveal more about themselves as the years go by. When asked how he started working with Andrew Talggart, Alex Pall commented that being a DJ was a hobby of his as he was growing up. He was doing his thing in New York City and was really doing it as a side gig, and then his manager, who manages them both now, introduced them to each other. Taggart left his life in Maine to move to NYC, and Pall quit his job to get to work as a musician.

Alex Pall admits that, both, he and Andrew Taggart understood the skills that each other contributed to the duo. They used to talk about the kinds of music they enjoyed growing up and related to each others’ ambition in the field of music. Before he knew it, they were both working with each other on a daily basis trying to forge a musical identity. While they didn’t want their musical career to become like a job, they knew they had to work hard to get it off-of-the-ground. Pall now understands that his music is what pays his bills, but he also knows that he wants to continue to be an artist who is on a journey to discover himself.

Alex Pall has revealed in an interview that while many other singers have songwriters write their music for them, this is not how it is with the Chainsmokers. He admits that they do work with songwriters on occasion, but that they are a part of the writing process even then. Today, Andrew Taggart and himself are working on more music that helps to define where they are at today. This is difficult because fans are demanding a new album, but Pall doesn’t want to release one with a bunch of disjointed songs that are not connected to one another. The duo plans on continuing to work with what they’ve got and to produce the amazing music they are known for.

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