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Why Has Cotemar Remained at the Helm of the Oil Industry For Over Three Decades?

Cotemar is a Mexican company specializing in the oil industry. The firm was founded in 1979, and it offers services in construction, renovation, modernization, and maintenance, supporting to maritime operations and accommodation and catering for offshore oilfield development. Since its establishment, the company has consistently propagated its vision of being a sustainable company with remarkable participation in new business opportunities within the oil market on an international scale and getting involved in production processes.


Training and Development Programs


Employees are one of the most valuable assets at Cotemar. To ensure innovativeness and increased performance, the firm concentrates on empowering their employees. At Cotemar employee skills are strengthened with the aim of improving their skills and ensuring safety at their workplace. The company has also partnered with various international institutes to ensure that their employees get specialized development lessons. Cotemar has also collaborated with various colleges and universities in Mexico to offer internships to their potential employees.



Cotemar’s History


Since its establishment in 1979, Cotemar has strived to become the leading offshore service provider in the oil and gas industry. At establishment, the firm was offering services in two categories: accommodation and catering and specialized vessels. In 1981, Cotemar added specialized vessels to transport people and personnel to its fleet. This was done to strengthen their position in the industry.


In 1985, the conglomerate had acquired its first rig, which offered accommodation and catering services. Three years later, Cotemar increased its fleet and expanded its market presence by serving the industry with five rigs and three specialized vessels. In the 1990s and early 2000, Cotemar continued to add more specialized vessels to their fleet. By 2012, Cotemar started to construct semi-submersible rigs. At the same time, specialized cranes and maintenance vessels to transport liquid and solid materials were added to the fleet. By the end of 2013, the company began construction on Atlantis. Two years later the company ventured a new business opportunity, the onshore upstream sector.


Cotemar’s core values


Judging from the achievement and the tremendous growth the Cotemar has undergone, it is evident that the firm has continuously adhered to its institutional values. The company bases all its operation on four major values: innovation, reliability, humility and integrity. Innovation guided the company into thinking and creating improved alternatives while humility helps the employees to learn from other competitors every day. The firm strives to achieve high standards of reliability through ensuring that they perform their duties in an accountable way and offer services beyond the client’s expectations.


The Mexican Energy Sector with Cotemar


Established in 1979, Cotemar is a multi-service firm servicing the energy industry. Since its inception, the company has increasingly grown its business to become among the reliable and efficient service providers in the Mexican gas and oil sector. Cotemar provides its services to the gas and oil operations of Petroleos Mexicano. The firm’s services range from specialized ships, offshore maintenance and construction, maritime services and petroleum. Cotemar has always strived to diversify its services through the adoption of nouveau technologies, acquisition of sophisticated vessels and the hiring of competent professionals.


Cotemar utilizes efficient mission and values. The company’s mission is to leverage from its efficient processes, which are executed based on goal-oriented professionals and groundbreaking technology. The company’s employees feature an unwavering commitment to the mission and values of the firm. Cotemar ensures that it only utilizes eco-friendly equipment and techniques in its petroleum production processes. The company’s vision is making investments in new opportunities, which the energy sector provides. Cotemar also aims at increasing presence in the production process through the capitalization of its sophisticated fleet of vessels as well as reliable work methods.

Asides from the energy industry, Cotemar encompasses a diversified portfolio. The firm has investments in the hospitality sector where it provides services such as catering and accommodation. Cotemar presents amazing holiday experiences to people who choose to reside in the firm’s accommodation facilities. Cotemar is a powerhouse in the delivery of various recreation amenities such as fully equipped workout rooms, basketball courts, and entertainment rooms.


Among Cotemar’s primary objectives is ensuring its workers experience substantial growth in their careers. Per se, Cotemar has set aside a significant amount or efficient resources for developing its employees’ potential. The firm has implemented training courses and innovative workshops as well as entered into strategic agreements with both local and international varsities. Cotemar comprehends that its current position is a reflection of the commitment and hard work of its employees and thus, it is committed to hiring, retaining and developing industry experts.

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In servicing the oil and gas sector, Cotemar has several subsidiaries, which help in service provision. Apoyo Logistico Marino together with Cotemar provides logistic support vessels, which help in employee, processing fluids, and light materials transportation in the Campeche Sound. The specialized services of the company have propagated growth of the Mexican petroleum industry. Another subsidiary firm is the Cocinas Del Mar, which provides services such as food and lodging. The firm adheres to the set standards of quality and health control to ensure all its processes including preservation, receiving of food supplies as well as preparation is conducted professionally and carefully.


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