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Get the Best Medicare Advantage Plans from InnovaCare’s Facilities

Medicare Advantage plans are medical insurance policies that are provided by private insurance companies appointed by the government on Zoom Info. They were introduced to increase competition amongst policy providers with the aim of reducing the cost of medical services and improve health coverage provided under different plans.

Medicare Advantage plans must at least cover all services in the original Medicare. Enrolling into Medicare Advantage plans does not fully substitute Medicare, for this reason, you have to pay monthly premiums to cater for part B premium.

All Medicare Advantage plans have a limit on out of pocket spending. Once clients exhaust their out of pocket expenditure, the insurance providers will take care of other additional medical expenses. Additionally, some Medicare Advantage plans may cater for other medical services such as eye care and annual medical check-ups.

The different Medicare Advantage schemes vary in coverage regulations. Nevertheless, similar programs offered by various health insurance companies differ. This is the reason as to why one should consult before enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan.

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Eligibility to join a Medicare Advantage scheme requires that you should have both of Medicare’s Part A and B. You should be living in the area where the system is offered. Individuals with a terminal illness are not legible to join any scheme. However, people with terminal illnesses may be allowed to join Medicare advantage’s special needs plan.

InnovaCare Health is a Medicare Advantage plan provider in North America. The company operates two Medicare Advantage plans in Puerto Rico. The two advantage plans, PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare, have enrolled close to 230,000 clients who benefit from their services.

The two companies were rated four stars due to the quality of services they provide. Nevertheless, InnovaCare Health are ranked amongst the fastest growing Medicare Advantage plans in US. The companies work with the primary aim of providing efficient healthcare programs that suit the needs of their clients.

The standard service offered in InnovaCare health is due to the critical leadership given by its top officials. The CEO, Richard Shinto has extensive management experience having worked in many health care organizations as an administrator.

Like Dr. Rick Shinto, Penelope Kokkinides, InnovaCare’s Chief Administration Officer, has a wealth of experience and educational background that strategically place her as the best bet for the organization. To execute her duties with excellence, Ms. Penelope Kokkinides combines her educational background with skills acquired while managing different government programs on health care.

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