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Check Out These Awesome EOS Lip Balms

Are you looking for a new lip balm in your life? We recommend turning to the great balms that EOS has been making. They have tons of flavors that you can choose from. Let’s go over some of the best-selling flavors from this amazing company.

  1. Vanilla Mint

Are you a lover of vanilla and mint? Your two loves are combined in this excellent flavor that will make you crave a yummy cookie or cake.

  1. Blueberry Nectar

The sweet nectar of blueberries is obvious as soon as you put this sweet lip balm on. It’s to die for!

  1. Strawberry Sorbet

Imagine the delicious flavors of a tasty strawberry sorbet in a lip balm and you have what you’ll taste when you put on the strawberry sorbet flavor.

  1. Medicated Tangerine

Unlike some of the other flavors, medicated tangerine has an added bonus of healthy vitamin E, jojoba oil and shea butter to make it even better for your lips.

More About EOS Lip Balm

If you’d like to learn more about EOS Lip Balms, check out their website, There, you will find all of the products and flavors that this company offers. You’ll notice that they have a number of product lines too.

You can check out the multipacks that’s have a little bit of everything. But on the other hand, you may decide to choose something from the EOS lip balm shimmer smooth spheres line, the organic smooth spheres line, the organic smooth sticks line, the active protection smooth spheres line or the visibly smocked soft smooth spheres line.

All of these product lines have a number of amazing flavors in them so that you can always get exactly what you want for your lips and your skin. Check them out today on most major retail outlets such as Well, Walmart(, Target, Boots, eBay, Ulta and Amazon, and don’t forget that they make great presents too!

A Taste Of Exotic Summer With Acai Blueberry

Acai is becoming a more popular flavor and food item, making it’s way into yummy acai bowls and acai juice. The “power of dark fruit” is touted as antioxidant rich foods that help to combat free radicals and keep the body healthy. The best thing about antioxidants are that these powerful nutritional fighters can be found in sweet orbs of fruit. Blueberry and acai is a combination of berries that provides a delicious and summery taste, and it can be found in EOS lip balm. Acai Blueberry Lip Balm is a delicious flavor and scent that is 95% all natural and 100% organic.

EOS lip balms were made to hydrate and moisten the lips with a smooth and precise application without having to use the fingers to do so. These orbs of balm were invented for women who wear lip balm several times a day and didn’t want to have to get their fingers covered in lip balm for application. The top twists off and reveals a spherical balm that conforms to the shape of the mouth for swift and accurate application. The top easily twists back on to secure the balm so it is safe to throw back in a purse, bag, or makeup drawer.

EOS started selling these products on Ulta, Walmart and Target just seven years ago and since then has held true to their product design and what it is they offer. Their products began as an all natural formulation and it is still the same packaging design and all natural formulation as it was when they began the brand seven years ago, the only difference is that today they are able to offer more fun and interesting flavor combinations as the seasons change. Mix up the winter and bring a little exotic summer into it with Acai Blueberry Lip Balm.


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