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Kamil Idris takes a look at the intellectual property rights

According to one of the experts on matters of intellectual property known as Kamil Idris, the new tariffs that have been executed by President Trump will go a long way in curtailing the freedom of trade that China has enjoyed for a long time. The tariffs were passed as a way of curbing illegal acquisitions of American technologies by the Chinese. Chinese have been taking away the intellectual rights of Americans and using them to make substandard goods which have more market, especially in the third world countries. According to U.S trade representatives, the annual theft of intellectual property from America is costing the country between $225 and $600 billion. This is a lot of money noting that Americans should enjoy it but ends up with other countries.

President Trump has made the penalties for intellectual theft the highest in order to curb the issue of intellectual theft from America. To effect this plan, U.S will be imposing tariffs on any goods from China coming into the United States totaling more than $50 billion. Although the tariffs have been said to be a means of punishing China for intellectual theft, the matter has also been perceived as a way of maintaining the national security. The country does not want to see some substandard products which have been made in China selling. China has been the spotlight for various forms of intellectual property theft such as counterfeit products, theft of trade secrets and influencing other business to show them the technologies they apply in manufacturing. These are vital issues which need to be addressed to stop China from engaging in activities which might lead to intellectual theft.

The issue of intellectual theft has been addressed by the Former Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization known as Kamil Idris. The Sudan-born politician knows a lot about intellectual property, and that is why he is able to address such matters with ease. He is also a trained international law attorney. He has received honorary awards from 19 universities for his role in protecting intellectual property.

Kamil Idris has been into politics. In 2010, he was a presidential aspirant in Sudan.


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