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Home cleaning solutions are not easy to come by. There was a time before the internet was around that customers would have to look through the background of a potential home cleaning service person by calling their references. Thanks to Handy, referrals are readily available in an easy to read format online, and each professional service person has already been accepted into Handy’s rigorous program.

There is plenty of information about what has to offer online and on their website. I found a great article on about all of the changes that Handy has went through over the years. The company launched in 2012 with the support of two founders from Harvard Business School. They had some steep competition at first, Homejoy and Mopp. Then, Homejoy went out of business in 2015, which was actually startling for some of the Handy employees, like Rebecca Greene, but Handy stayed in business and grew stronger.

Results That Matter

It is truly amazing that two students from Harvard can bring together people from all over the United States in a productive way that consumers appreciate. The site and platform they created are connecting satisfied customers who have no trouble setting up appointments with certified professionals that Handy has approved, so customers can trust that they are working with the best home cleaning and home repair service people in the industry.

Where To Find Out More About Handy

My research from lead me to understand how Handy has grown over the years, and these results could not have been presented here if not for the valuable information from this article. Take a look at what they have to say about Handy by going to this link.



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