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The Burning Force Behind Altium Capital

Altium Capital, founded by Jacob Gottlieb, is now focused on what’s happening in healthcare. This investment fund based out of New York City, is a new venture for Gottlieb. As a private company, Altium is rooted in aggressive research conducted by Jacob Gottlieb himself. What is he looking for most?

Gottlieb wants to look for the most advanced medical treatments available this year, as well as what is emerging in the near future. One of the most recent is now an oral medication that is specifically for those with diabetes. The goal of the pharmaceutical company behind this medication is to replace injections.

Another area in which Altium is seeking an opportunity is the much needed revolution for the FDA that hasn’t yet occurred. Alzheimer’s, a disease that impacts aged adults, has been highly researched, and the FDA continues to release medications that at best can keep symptoms at bay. Although the symptoms may be reduced, there really is cure for the disease.

Because Alzheimer’s affects more than two million individuals per year, it still needs more attention than it’s getting. Altium Capital is hoping to find an opportunity here as the FDA continues to tout the idea that there is one miracle drug that will aid in reducing symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Once the disease leads to dementia, it is more challenging to find answers and research for more options. Once the FDA gives an approval, the drugs can then be tested in clinical trials, as well as in hospitals depending upon the type of drug and what the drug is for.

These drugs are well worth investing in, and Jacob Gottlieb may very well find his niche when it comes to drugs for diseases like Alzheimer’s and diabetes as well. The top diseases that are impacting the lives of those with diabetes and Alzheimer’s are going to be where Altium Capital directs its focus in the near future.

Treating Osteoarthritis in Osteo Relief Institute

Arthritis is a common disease which has affected a vast population of more than fifty million adults in the United States. The majority of individuals who are affected with some form of arthritis are the women. The disease becomes increasingly common among the aging population. Arthritis causes most of the disabilities in a nation.

Osteo Relief Institute

Facts about osteoarthritis

There are numerous forms of arthritis, but the most common is osteoarthritis. It is as well-known as degenerative joint disease. Some of its characteristics include degeneration of the cartilage which are the soft tissues found between the joints. As the cartilage slowly wears away, the bones rub against themselves resulting in intense pain, stiffness and swelling in a patient’s body.


According to Dr. Matthew CiRullo of the Family Medicine, the pain experienced becomes chronic as time passes by. Despite the fact that no scientist has come up with a cure for the disease, Dr. Matthew advises patients to seek the available treatments.


The risk factors for osteoarthritis


Individuals are more likely to contact osteoarthritis when they have excess body weight when they are advanced in age, or it may also result due to a previous injury. The family history of a person also has a role to play in contacting this disease.


Self-management techniques for patients


To minimize the speed and impact of osteoarthritis, it is paramount for patients to pay close attention to self-management due to the serious nature of the disease. There are different categories of self-management. These include medical treatment, exercises, and the daily routine.


The daily routine involves frequent adjustment of one’s position when reading or watching television, quitting smoking, managing one’s weight, avoiding repetitive movements and doing regular and gentle exercises.


When exercising, patients are advised to do activities which build the muscles around their joints. These could include low-impact aerobic exercises such as walking and cycling.


The medical options available to relieve arthritis pain have side effects. Hence qualified and skilled orthopedic specialists should be first consulted.


About Osteo Relief Institute


Osteo Relief Institute is a leading multidisciplinary clinic. Their focus is on helping patients avoid surgery. Osteo Relief Institute prescribes safe and efficient treatment options which are available. They make use of cutting edge technologies thus servicing their patients as they had hoped.


The medical team working at Osteo Relief Institute are highly trained ( Their clinics are such as to offer their patients the freedom of making decisions which are the best for their health and future.

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