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WEN by Chaz – Is it worth it?

WEN is a famous new product that is known for being the coolest new conditioner on the market. You will come to discover something new and unique fairly easily, and the best part about this brand is that they have some of the most respectable products on the sephora beauty market. WEN by Chaz is famous because of the fact that they help provide a wide variety of new ingredients that are safe and completely natural.

A certain active woman decided to share her experience with this product via the Bustle. The best part about this experiment is that she has used the power of taking facebook selfies every single day throughout the day to help showcase what has happened to her hair. You will notice that the color did improve in the long run. The spokeswoman has enjoyed the beauty of this conditioner and how it works. It is quite a unique little thing to use because of the fact that there is good ingredients throughout the product. Wen is very reliable because it has all the simplistic ingredients for giving hair that extra push. Unfortunately, the product does give it some oil and it can be quite annoying to have to deal with.

There are all kinds of different people who will find that it can be a bit oily, but it definitely is a bit funny to deal with. It’s one very worthwhile conditioner to use but there can be a bit oilyness to your hair that may develop when you don’t use this every single day.


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