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Stream Energy; a Unique Home Services Provider

Stream Energy provides energy services, wireless services, home service and Protective Services.The company began in 2005 as a direct selling energy company and has its offices in Dallas.The company has three energy plan which includes sky drop, sky ball and Lyric. Skybell gives you a long-term fixed energy plan and a free sky bell. Sky drop gives you a renewable energy plan plus a sprinkler that preserves water and saves on the water bill. Lyric gives you a 30month fixed rate energy plan.

Stream Energy wireless services allow you to access data plans through their individual or shared plans. The company protective services enable you to be able to consult a certified board doctor. The plan allows you to consult with unlimited time and access healthcare with minimal hassles. The home services include digital voice services and home safety alerts. Also, the company provides road rescue services, identity protection, tech support and credit monitoring. The company sells its products through multi-level marketing. The company pays you for any client you introduce the company or for any associate that you bring on board.

The company through its blog advises on how to save energy. Though devices plugged into socket may not use power, the devices still consume electricity (BizJournals). Switching off the socket will save some money at the end of the year and the shock of huge bills. The amount used by devices, not in use may not be much energy, but overtime accumulation will result in high bills. The company also advises that one should monitor the power usage through monitoring tools. The company recommends to completely shut off equipment and save money from what they call phantom drain.

Stream energy not only provides home services but also participates in activities to support the community around through their stream cares program and the stream foundation. The company through an initiative known as cell phones for soldiers to provide communication to active military and veterans. The company also partners with Captain hope kids to provide critical items to homeless children. The company also runs splash for hope a fun event for homeless children at the water park.

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