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IAP Worldwide and US Navy Lucrative Contract

IAP Worldwide could not hide their pride when they won a contract worth $900 million from the US Navy. The company is among other four who are also privileged to offer their services to the US Navy. IAP Worldwide, which boasts of a wide range of services and experience in their field, said that they are proud to work with the US Navy and to offer their unique services to them.

IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide, which is well-known on the global platform, has been successful in the past working with many organizations that have praised their hard work and excellent services. The team has also collaborated with the DoD organization and achieved massive success. They have also been working with the Air Force on their programs. Among the services that IAP Worldwide is expected to offer to the US Navy include providing construction on humanitarian projects, dealing with natural disasters and providing services to the armed forces.

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US Army Contract

Since IAP was established, it has proven that it can perform and give value for money. Because of the records that the IAP sets in providing services, it was also awarded another contract with the army which is worth $53 million. The deal’s main aim is to implement the DCGS-A system for the military. The deal involves data set up for hardware processing, the operation of warehouses and training. The organization is expected to offer its outstanding services as it has always done in the past.

Efforts on Humanitarian Support

IAP Worldwide has always provided excellent services and support, and that is why it could not be left behind during Hurricane Mathew and was chosen as the company that could help those affected. The team worked smartly and immediately positioned teams to different bases in Florida, Fort Bragg, North Carolina and Orlando. The states that were afflicted by the hurricane recovered thanks to the great support they received from IAP Worldwide. The company provided power in cases of emergency, communication and professional expertise.

The organization has a contract with the US Army Corps of Engineers, and that is why they were there to provide relief services to those affected by the hurricane. It has co-ordinated with different government entities. They assisted in removing people from the areas impacted by the hurricane, and it was a success.

About IAP

IAP Worldwide service is a company that has been working globally for over 60 years amassing a lot of achievement and experience. It was originally started to work with the US army, but it has since expanded its operations becoming a leading provider of a broad range of solutions in the world.

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