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IS OSI Food Solutions The Worldwide Leader in The Production of Quality Foods

Food production services are in high-demand, and these services work exclusively with numerous types of businesses. Everyone has to eat in order to survive. Whether it’s a restaurant that needs quality meats, or it’s a supermarket that needs a boat-load of veggies, the food service industry is generally on speed-dial when it comes to taking care of these affairs. Have you ever heard of OSI Food Solutions? If you’re like most of the population, then you probably haven’t heard about this company because it tends to fly under-the-radar. OSI Food Solutions is the premier foodservice provider in 2018. In addition to that, the company specializes in the production of custom-food solutions. If a client needs something a little different than the norm, custom-food solutions can and will be created to the best of their ability.

OSI Food Solutions has reached a milestone in a sense. This is one of America’s largest privately held companies, and it has been around since 1909. Yes, this is correct. In the early days, this company only specialized in providing meats, and these meats were extremely tasty. Thanks to the high-quality meat products, the company began to make a name for itself throughout America’s Midwest region. Otto & Sons was bigger than life, and it would only grow stronger as the company expanded into the wholesale-foodservice industry. After relocating from Oak Park, Illinois, to Maywood, Illinois, the company began to pick-up a larger than normal amount of business. After its last relocation to Aurora, Illinois, the company has expanded on the total amount of foods, which includes:

• Chicken-Fried Steak

• Beef Patties

• Meatballs

• Cucumbers

• Tofu

• Tomatoes

• Cooked Sausage Links

• Pot Roast

• Desserts

• Fritters

• And many more

OSI Food Solution is the food provider of choice, and its reach has expanded to the overseas-foodservice market. In the end, OSI Food Solutions will certainly be amongst the greatest food providers in history and that’s a fact.

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OSI Food Solutions Adds a New Facility in Spain

First announced in 2017, OSI Group Aurora added a high-capacity manufacturing facility to its current production line located in Toledo, Spain. Earlier this year, the £17 million business deal was completed. In a move that has earned OSI Group more consumers, the deal has extensively increased OSI Industries’ production capacity in chicken. In fact, it is projected that the production capacity has doubled since the new acquisition.

Background Data

Moreover, the latest expansion in Spain is said to have surpassed the original production capacity of 45,000 tons of chicken, and pork. A keen look at the project suggests that the entire project, inclusive of the existing production lines as well as other related services will create employment opportunities for the current job seekers within the same locality.


According to Jose Maria del Rio, the managing director of OSI Spain, the latest expansion is in response to the existing demand for chicken products since the population in the region has been increasing day in day out. Since the population is set to grow further, OSI Spain is anticipating continued growth in the demand for chicken products.

Benefits of Acquisition

The Spain expansion is not OSI Group’s first business deal for expanding its client base. In 2016, the company acquired Baho Food. This is a Dutch-based manufacturing plant that specializes in the production of meat delis and meat-based products. During the acquisition, the two principals of OSI Group, Mr. David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin noted the continued growth of the company. They said that OSI Group has sufficient resources and workforce to expand its service scope to more countries.

Baho Food

Furthermore, Baho Food has several branches cutting across Germany and the Dutch. It provides food to over 18 European countries. In addition to acquiring Baho Food, OSI Group acquired Flagship Europe, a manufacturing facility that deals with the production of condiments, frozen poultry and pies among others meat-based food products. Of course, the acquisition led to the acquisition of more selling dockets for OSI Industries.

Additional Information

As if that was not enough, OSI Group decided to acquire Tyson Foods at $7.4 million. This acquisition assisted the company in expanding its production capacity in poultry, beef and vegetable products.


OSI Group attributes its success in global expansion to maintaining a stellar rapport with local customers and other high-profile partners. Since taste goes hand in hand with culture, OSI Group works with these local consumers to supply the preferred tastes.

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