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AvaTrade Review: Making the Right Choice

In the recent past, there has been a lot of speculation about online forex trading. This is probably because of the various investment opportunities that have been brought about by online forex trading. However, the challenge has always been finding a reliable forex broker who will be able to help you join the winning team in the forex market. Have you ever come across a forex broker that you can absolutely count on? Or have you encountered a forex brokerage firm that will provide you with all the necessary tools and skills to get started? This review by our experts about one of the largest forex brokers in the world will help you understand more about AvaTrade.


Facts about AvaTrade


It is always difficult to obtain detailed information about the majority of online forex brokers. However, AvaTrade review is one of the most transparent forex brokers you can ever find. The company was founded in 2006 in Dublin, Ireland. It is known for its great reputation for closely protecting its customers as well as their money. According to the latest financial statements from the company, its turnover per month reached $60 million.


AvaTrade has its headquarters in Dublin Ireland although it also has various representative agencies in Tokyo, Sydney, New York, Millan, and Paris. Besides having a physical headquarters and representatives in several parts of the world, AvaTrade is also regulated and supported by a number of major international financial institutions which include the Central Bank of England, ASIC (which is responsible for keeping check transparency and safety at AvaTrade), Japan’s FSA among other financial regulators.


Customer support


AvaTrade provides reliable and trustworthy customer support 24 hours in 7 days. They provide help in several languages including Portuguese, English, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, Dutch and Arabic. Customers can send emails, make phone calls or use live chat technology. The company has a large team of professionals who respond almost immediately to calls and emails from customers.


Ina nutshell, AvaTrade is one of the best online forex brokers to work with compared to other forex brokers. The fact that it has physical offices and regulated by various financial institutions makes it even a more credible service provider.

End Citizens United Reveals The Loopholes In The Laws Surrounding Foreign Donations To Political Campaigns

James Anderson recently published an article on Hi-Tech Chronicle, a website created to publish independent and informative information on the latest trends in technology and science. James Anderson is the editor for the website and also writes articles about business and technology. The article called “Russians Weren’t the Only Meddlers in the 2016 Election According to End Citizens United” discusses the recent release of information regarding the influence of foreign money on the 2016 presidential elections in the United States.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has revealed more and more evidence on the influence of advertisements on social media platforms which were purchased by the Russians to influence the presidential campaign. Though it is unclear if America’s elected officials were working directly with the Russians, it is clear America’s representatives are complicit in the corruption of the electoral process by permitting Big Money to donate to political campaigns.

Though foreign money is technically not allowed to supply resources to political campaigns, it is difficult to prevent particularly when it is unclear what the consequences are when it does happen. American law is currently incredibly lax about the finance campaign laws, making it difficult to prevent foreign money from intervening in political campaigns.


In the past several years, many right wing lobbyists and lawmakers sought to take down the laws made to prevent and limit financial donations to campaigns. Because of this, those with large amounts of money can have a huge influence in the political process and many of these individuals are not even citizens.

The recent Russian digital campaign discovered by Mueller is only the beginning. There are a variety of loopholes in the law which makes it almost impossible to discover how much foreign money was invested in the campaigns of 2016.

For example, both Chinese and Mexican individuals were able to donate huge sums of money through their corporations to different super PACs. There are more than 15 different instances currently being in investigated for illegal foreign money being contributed to the campaigns. However, it is incredibly difficult to discover just how much was spent because there are not enough regulations enforcing the tracking of the donations.

End Citizens United is seeking to change that. They are a grassroots nonprofit organization that is dedicated to backing politicians and reforms that will limit the influence of money in the political election process. The Political Action Committee began in 2010 after they recognized the awful effects of Citizens United.

End Citizens United is attempting to raise awareness about the issue of money in politics and support pro-reform candidates.

Learn more about End Citizens United:

Dedication and Commitment can Lead the Way

David Osio studied at the Catholic University Andres Bello, a top university in Venezuela as well as all of Latin America and graduated with a degree in the Advanced Management Program and International Banking Law at the Institute of Estudios Superiores de Administracios. He began his career as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of OPED Enterprise and was the head of coffee export programs.

He later moved onto an executive position in LETCO Commercial Companies. He was responsible for structuring marketing programs for a variety of industrial products in the United States. He excelled at marketing and his skill often translated to success for the companies he worked for.

After a period of marketing success, Mr. Osio moved onto the law firm of MGO in Caracas, Venezuela. He interfaced with corporate clients such as Consolidated Bank and Ferro Corporation. He developed an extensive background in banking and as a legal advisor and became one of the movers and shakers in the firm of Banco Latino International in Miami, Florida. He was quickly promoted to Vice President of Banking Commercial where he was the over seer of customer’s portfolio’s and worked to increase the portfolio’s in value as well as adding strength to the bank’s international standing.

With a great deal of experience under his belt, Mr. Osio decided to set out on his form and he formed the Davos Financial Group of companies. His company was the first business in Venezuela committed to providing financial advice for a select group of clients. He developed his own leadership style that has provided him the opportunity to strengthen and expand his business, as well as increase the level of income the company was able to generate all in a short time. Mr. Osio has created licensed companies that work independently in cities such as Panama, Miami, New York and Geneva.

Mr. Osio also works with a level of philanthropy that he classifies as corporate social responsibility. He works to promote and maintain a collaborative effort with non-profit organizations. The non-profits he chooses to work with those in need with providing art and cultural opportunities within communities.

He supports organizations and foundations such as the Miami Symphony Orchestra and the Saludarte Foundation which allows art exhibitions in the United States. Mr. Osio also supports International organizations and foundations such as the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation, the UMA Foundation and the Fundana Foundation as well as several others.
Mr. Osio has organized and operated an award winning company that have received a variety of International awards including the Medal of Honor from the United States Congress and South Florida’s Business Leaders award.

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