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Southridge Capital; Where to turn for all your company’s Financial Solutions

Southridge Capital LLC was founded in 1996 by one Stephen M.Hicks. The company is based in Connecticut and was founded for one primary reason; revolutionize financial solutions for thousands of their clients. The private equity firm has invested in $1.8 billion in growing other companies as well as providing superior, professional and reliable services for financial research and analysis, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy consultation, balance sheet optimization, and legal firm settlements. In summary, Southridge provides corporations and clients with the security and comfort that they are in the most reliable hands of Connecticut.


Southridge Capital LLC is dedicated to giving back to the community through their charitable efforts and volunteer work. Southridge Capital has partnered with other like-minded organizations such as the Ridgefield Fountain landmark, save a child’s heart foundation and Bridgeport Rescue Mission to raise awareness about those in need as well as help the less fortunate build a future that would help them back.


As earlier mentioned, Southridge Capital’s success is owed to its CEO Stephen Hicks who oversees the overall strategic direction, business development, management and execution of the firm. Stephen has been active in the financial industry for over 30 years with immense experience in financial structuring, risk arbitrage, investment banking, and derivatives. He borrows these skills from his rich educational background with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from King’s college and an MBA from Fordham University both from New York. You can checkout to see more.



Stephen Hicks was working at a small NewYork hedge fund firm when the idea to start his own came to mind. He began working on Southridge Capital while still working for the hedge fund, and surprisingly it took a decisive turn in his life. Hicks speaks in his interview that the journey to forming the successful Southridge Capital came with its own shares of challenges but eventually found ways to pull through. Stephen Hicks is passionate about cryptocurrency where he sees exponential potential in the business. Stephen urges interested entrepreneurs to start a channel for cryptocurrency and watch it blossom for ages to come. Over the years, as he gained experience, Hicks has recollected skills that show potential in various companies that come to him for financing. His instincts, knowledge, and intelligence always come in handy when making decisions. For more details you can checkout




Michael Burwell Successful Financial Advisor


An ordinary day for Michael Burwell begins at 5 am, generally making his bed notwithstanding when he is voyaging. I at that point remarkably get a kick out of the chance to attempt and get to my Peloton bicycle either at home or where I can discover one. While riding, I try to consider what I require to get refined before the day’s over. It keeps me on assignment and toward the start of the month I think about the month, and toward the beginning of the week at cetera. Commonly individuals in our association have beautiful thoughts, so I hope to attempt and ensure they get the best possible light and assessment or see the light of day, so they don’t remain covered.


Its said that the image of the high estimation of a worker is the point at which he can enable an organization to develop. For sure, this is the situation with Mike, notably when he offered every one of his abilities and mastery for Pricewaterhouse Coopers before working with Willis Watson. He additionally a prepared CPA and got his college degree from the Michigan University. Michael Burwell put in 11 years chipping away at business warning administrations previously being chosen accomplice and moving into the exchange business at their activities center point in Detroit. He had such a high level of progress there that he was requested to assume control over the focal US exchange division.


Pioneers in the business dependably uphold the best thoughts, guidance, and understanding to get by in the market. A great deal of the best ideas that we’ve had have originated from other individuals inside the organization. They have a priceless and one of a kind point of view that enables them to derive and intuit things that somebody outside of the day by day tasks couldn’t do positive, be persistent, everybody will disclose to you why it won’t work. Get Related Information Here.


I would dependably commend wins with the group and survey why we won and why we lost… .we can merely show signs of improvement. We may likewise say here that the way that Mike has arranged as long as he can remember to take in the complexities of global warming and reinsurance broking makes him an ideal substitution for active, Roger Millay. After his prosperity at the national level, Michael Burwell was named Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer.


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