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Michael Zomber: How the Code of the Samurai Aligned with a Historian

There is something beautiful about history, something somewhat indescribable. Perhaps the best thing one can say about history is it is one of the ways that one is able to capture fragments of time. And it perhaps this part of history that Michael R. Zomber finds so interesting.

Zomber is a well-renown historian who specializes in several aspects of history. He is better known for his work on several types of guns that have passed through human history. He is also the person to go to regarding everything from famous duels to interestingly crafted weapons.

Zomber is also very interested in the Samurai and their swords so much so that he is considered an authority in the subject. In fact, he made a critically acclaimed documentary on the Samurai. The documentary was called the Soul of the Samurai. His knowledge definitely made a splash in the film world and helped enlighten many regarding this particular subject, which is sometimes misrepresented. One subject regarding the Samurai that he is very interested in is the concept of Bushido. Bushido is what the Samurai understood as their moral code, and it means “the way of the warrior.”

Zomber wrote extensively about the Bushido as he feels that it applies to his life in one way or another. Zomber has never claimed to have the kind of discipline that it must have taken a Samurai warrior to master some of the moral values, discipline, and self-sacrifice needed. But he has identified with some of their teachings.

It is what propelled Zomber to become the man he is now. He holds a bachelor’s in English Literature as well as Psychology. Both of which were given to him with honors. This was not an easy task for Zomber because his mind has always been the kind to wander. It was hard for him to focus on some of the subjects his professors would sometimes assign. But there was a certain level of discipline needed to complete school. And it was something that he identified with when it comes to the Bushido culture. Zomber also got a Master’s degree in English Literature from UCLA, too.

Zomber–as a historian–is also an advocate for peace because he believes that weapons and destruction are things that belong in the past. This is one of the reasons that he is involved in organizations like UNICEF that are attempting to bring peace everywhere in the world.  Be sure to follow Michael on Facebook.

The Structure of Investment Banking

The banking industry has multiple types of banks that provide banking services. Each type of bank is generally structured to provide services to a specific client type. The traditional local bank has a general structure. The structure allows the local bank to offer a variety of services that help people with common banking needs such as opening a checking or savings account.

However, this banking structure is not the best structure for clients who desire or need banking services that are more specific in nature. As an example, corporations tend to seek the assistance of banks for more specific banking services. The type of banking services needed by corporations is usually different than the services offered by local banks. Corporations usually are involved in financial transactions that are complex and require large sums of money. Many local banks are not structured to handle banking needs of this nature in the most efficient manner.

On the other hand, investment banks are structured to handle corporate financial transactions. The structure of investment banks contains three areas. All three areas provide services that are used on a regular basis in the corporate world.

A key element in the structure of investment banks is the ability to handle the large and complex financial transactions that corporations need to complete. The investment banking structure has several positions that are responsible for managing corporate financial transactions. One of these positions is the investment banker. The investment banker plays a vital role in ensuring that corporate financial transactions are handled in an efficient and timely manner.

In the investment banking world, Martin Lustgarten has become very popular. He is the founder of the company Lustgarten Martin. The company is an investment banking firm. Along with being the founder, he is also the CEO. Martin Lustgarten manages the daily business operations for his investment banking firm.

Martin Lustgarten provides a wide array of investment banking services that includes assistance with mergers, transactions, and acquisitions. In addition to being a business leader, Lustgarten is also a dedicated philanthropist.

Jon Urbana’s Passions and Ventures

Jon Urbana has many passions and areas of interest. He is an entrepreneur and a former Villanova lacrosse team defender who is passionate about the environment, nature, charity work and many other ventures.

Jon is currently the founder of a GoFundMe charity and fundraiser called Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force. It’s based out of Denver, Colorado, and is a non profit foundation that supports the environment. Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in the country, and Jon just so happens to be living there. He’s passionate about helping preserve the environment and the beauty of nature. Jon’s mission with Earth Force is to inform and motivate the youth about the importance of keeping the environment clean and healthy.

Jon Urbana is the owner of a lacrosse camp called Next Level Lacrosse Camp aimed towards to the youth in Colorado. The camp teaches kids how to refine necessary and specific skills needed to play the sport. Along with helping them support and find their field position, they get the opportunity to learn from some of the best lacrosse pros.

Jon Urbana, using Twitter as @jonurbana1, has always had a passion for photography and enjoys taking pictures of nature as well as historical photographs. He lives in the beautiful state of Colorado, which allows him to capture the natural beauty of many mountains, lakes and streams. His photography skills have allowed him to adventure over into his sense of creativity and share his beautiful scenic photos.

Jon is also a licensed pilot and has been recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for exceeding the high level of educational, licensing and medical standards held by the FAA. The standards of a pilot have most definitely changed over time, and they will continue to change in the future.

As an entrepreneur, Jon has discovered and mastered many passions of his. He continues to build strong Tumblr relationships and pursue his ventures and areas of interest to ensure a better education and quality of life for everyone involved.

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