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Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education Closes The Gap Between Education and Stability

Charter schools are becoming the new buzz word in education as parents seek alternative ways to provide the best education for their children. One such charter school program is Rocketship Education. This charter program serves the areas of underserved families within the United States. Their work was recently highlighted during the floods in California. The non-profit organization raised donations to help the families of their students to recover from the floods. In most cases, it was the charter school that was first to provide aid, shelter, food, and clothes for the family.

So why was Rocketship Eduation helping the families in their time of need instead of other entities that we hear so much about? Serving and helping the community where their students live is one of their most important core values. In the case of the floods of San Jose, many of their families could not find affordable housing or take care of their kids’ basic needs. Rocketship stepped in to provide these families stability because without stability the education of these children will suffer. Rocketship recognizes the importance between education and stability.

Rocketship became a charter school in 2006 in California. The schools can now be found in three states and the District of Columbia. The non-profit organization believes that every child can live up to their potential and help to eliminate the educational gap that exists in this country. Their method to achieve this goal is fairly simple. They empower the student by providing them access to teachers who specialize in areas such as STEM. They also empower the family as a whole.

The teachers of Rocketship spend time bonding with the students’ parents and family. They spend time in the homes to help parents to take part in their children’s education. There is no greater asset to the student than their very own family. By empowering the student and the parent, the community itself becomes empowered. This will provide more opportunities for everyone and in return close the gap in the educational system.

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