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George Soros Is At War With The GOP

In this world that is ran by human inadequacy, there are great individuals who find they have the power to change their world. The clout and influence they carry are enough to resound throughout the halls of the White House. One mover and shaker that is known among the most uneducated voter is George Soros. Soros is widely known for being a passionate Democrat. This began during his days studying at the London School of Economics. His passion continued and grew when he moved to the United States of America and began reaching titanic proportions. As he saw the blessing of capitalism, he longed to spread both democracy and the free market around the globe.

Over his life, George Soros has become a billionaire several times over. He started the Open Society Foundations with an $11 billion donation. The Open Society Foundations was the non-profit he used to help other countries adopt a government conducive to democracy. He helped these countries transition by beginning with open elections, moving to a democratic-republic, then by finalizing with a free market. He has been able to help countries on the continents of Europe, Africa, and South America. As of 2017, he was worth $26.2 billion by gave $18 billion of it to the Open Society Foundations to begin moving into Asia and Eurasia.

George Soros set his sights on helping America in 2004. During that election cycle, he decided to back John Kerry as strongly as possible. Remember, President George W. Bush had us fighting wars on two fronts. We had troops deployed in Afghanistan and troops in Iraq. George Soros was against these wars because they completely ransacked peace in the Middle East. George Soros knew that a Democrat would be better in the White House for the Middle East. Soros backed Kerry as strongly as he could with a $27 million donation.

In 2008, Soros would continue influencing politics in America by putting his substantial weight behind Illinois Senator Barrack Obama. Soros donated $15 million so that Obama could get the necessary advertisements. Obama would go on to serve for two successful terms and pushed a widely liberal agenda. Soros wanted it to get even better, so he pushed hard for his lifelong friend Hillary Clinton to gain the Oval Office. The DNC was rather short on funds during this time, and Soros bankrolled them with $25 million. The majority of that money was used to help Hillary Clinton. The remainder of those funds were used to help Senators who were fighting difficult battles in various key states to gain in the polls. Unfortunately, the Democratic Party lost across the board in that election. The GOP secured the Presidency, the House, and the Senate.

Ever since Donald Trump gained the White House, Soros has continued to fight him on the ground. He has used the Open Society Foundations to aid non-profits and Super PACs in their fight against Donald Trump. Time will tell if Soros was successful here in the States.

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