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William Saito Tech Geek and Entrepreneur

Biographical Sketch of his Life

The Japanese-American entrepreneur, William Saito, is a cybersecurity expert. While still a teenager and in high school, he was encouraged by one of his teachers, who recognized is potential, suggested he get himself a computer. Following up on the advice, Saito got very good at reverse engineering everything he could get his hands on. Driven more by an engineering desire to see how things were made rather than a desire to put things together, Saito perfected his analytical skills.

William Saito A/I Systems

After much experimentation, he got interested in security systems in how they work. By the time he was a Junior in high school, he had already begun his own cybersecurity company called A/I Systems, which he later sold to Microsoft in 2000 for an undisclosed amount. Saito was only 34 at the time of sale to Microsoft. He was given recognition as the Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young in 1998.

Growing up near Silicon Valley

William Saito grew up in Walnut, California just miles from Silicon Valley. He was only ten years old when he first got his first internship as a computer programmer. Later in his life, he designed the first calculations for Merril Lynches company by his being hired to solve many mathematical models and calculations for Merril Lynch, which later helped them establish themselves as a trading company platform.

Saito’s New Book

Recently, William Saito published his book “An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur,” which details his life’s work for his earliest years in Walnut to his return to work at NEC. Just out of college, while his friends were working with his company, I/O Systems, they were helping a Japanese company called NEC. NEC was interested in visiting their offices in Southern California.

Work with NEC Computers

William received a four-day notice that Executives form NEC would be visiting them. I/O didn’t have an office at the time, so he and friends had to rent office space and have his friends come into the office an mimic the work they would be doing. The NEC execs were very impressed and thought they were an actual software company. William Saito keeps the Rancho Cucamonga offices as their central headquarters.

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