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The Lovaganza Foundation

Lovaganza, a bohemian styled festival that has been scheduled to occur during the four months of May to September of 2020, is receiving a lot of attention in the news. The primary concern that has been garnering the festival its attention is the delay in the schedule, as it was originally scheduled to happen during the summer of 2015, but has been delayed by those in charge of organizing the event on Facebook.

However, aside from the deserved notoriety that the even is receiving for its highly-anticipated entertainment lineup, Lovaganza has set up a foundation that is more than worthy of its own attention and press coverage. The Lovaganza Foundation, being deemed “The Mother of all Foundations” is a dream come true for its founders J.F. Gagnon and Genevieve Gagnon. Their goal is to establish a universal quality of life for all humanity across the globe, and they are hoping that they will be able to accomplish this through the awareness that they create through the four month festival in 20202. Despite the fact that the festival is not scheduled for another four years, the foundation organizers “will continue to take action and support foundations and organizations that have objections that have aligned with offering a universal quality of life for ever child on earth and for all of humanity by the year of 2050”.

There is no doubt that the foundation will be able to achieve a high level of success during the even itself. Lovaganza is being hailed as a bohemian style carnival even that will take place in eight separate cities simultaneously displaying and exhibiting arts a culture from all of the cultures and countries known all over the earth. Lovaganza is meant to increase awareness and appreciation for all of the beautiful elements that each culture has to offer. It has been said that the company organizing the event, plans to be able to implement all of the latest and cutting edge technology to make the event a visual spectacular for the festival goers.

If you would like to learn more about the event, stay tuned for the upcoming schedule of entertainment events, or are interested in the Lovaganza Foundation itself you can do so by visiting the Lovaganza website.

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Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

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