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Brazil New President Michel Temer Is Promoting An Economic Comeback


Right on the heels of the ouster of President Dilma Rousseff, new President Michel Temer is promoting Brazil’s economic comeback. Speaking at the United Nations recently, President Temer said the removal of Dilma Rousseff from office was done with respect for the rule of law. Temer also told the UN that the people of Brazil are feeling more confident. There are signs that an economic recovery is in the beginning stages. Temer knows Brazil desperately needs foreign investors to help stimulate the recovery. The Temer mission is to attract more foreign investments as well as let the world know that his presidency is legitimate. Temer is dedicated to establishing fiscal as well as social responsibility in his country. But accomplishing that mission may be an uphill battle unless he wins the support of the Brazilian people, according to Flavio Maluf, a respected environmentalist, and Chief Executive Officer of the giant building material supply firm, Eucatex.

Flavio Maluf is not a politician, but he is one of the most respected business people in Brazil. Eucatex is on the cutting edge of clean air initiatives, and the fact that Temer recently signed the Paris Agreement speaks volumes to Maluf. Maluf’s headquarters are in Sao Paulo, but it’s not uncommon for him to travel to cities in the South of Brazil to talk about the export business and environmental responsibility. All Eucatex factories in Brazil use renewable energy sources. Eucatex started as an offshoot of a sawmill factory owned by the Maluf factory in the 1950s. Flavio Maluf wanted to protect the environment long before he became CEO of Eucatex in 1997. Maluf has always believed in the beauty and sustainability of the natural resources in his country.

Eucatex is one of the top building supply companies in the industry. Flavio Maluf opened offices in several countries over the last 20 years, and all of those offices use renewable energy. Flavio wants Temer to plug the holes in the budget, and he also wants the new president to follow through on the clean air initiative. Temer is known as a quiet, calculating man that has the experience to get the country moving again.   Flavio has given advice about making the most of your taxes before, but something else Flavio describes is what the automotive industry needs in Brazil.  Including advice about where to go next, so that Mr. Maluf can see a booming economy in the near future.

Sanjay Shah Leads Solo Capital To Success As Philanthropy Plays A Greater Role in His Life

The work of Sanjay Shah is well known to people in many different areas of the financial and philanthropic sectors, but is primarily now known for the prominent role he has with his own charity, Autism Rocks. Sanjay Shah had already become a well respected figure on the London financial markets through his work with a number of the world’s best known investment companies, including Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley when he looked for a lifestyle change in Dubai; Shah set out to form his own investment company in the form of the boutique company Solo Capital following the collapse of the global economy in 2008.

Sanjay Shah headquartered Solo Capital in London, but also opened an office in Dubai as he looked to embark on a new life spending more time with his family. The opening of Solo Capital in 2011 has seen a period of sustained success occur for the company with its expansion across a range of different countries throughout the world. The success of Solo Capital is seen in the high level of cash flow that is seen by the investment firm, which has reached around $30 million per year as its experienced and expertly trained members of staff attract new clients to the group.

Although much of the focus of Sanjay Shah’s life has been on the business world he is a major part of, Shah has also looked to enter retirement to avoid missing out on the childhood of his children. The life of the Shah family changed with the diagnosis of autism received by the youngest son of Sanjay, which prompted an interest in philanthropy to fund greater research into the causes of the neurological condition and the support needed for family members. Establishing the Autism Rocks series of concerts came after Sanjay Shah enjoyed a chance meeting with the rapper Snoop Dogg and had his love of music rekindled by the encounter. Initially, Sanjay Shah focused on raising funds through intimate invitation only performances by some of the most famous musicians in the world, but will soon see the first Autism Rocks music festival take place in Dubai in Summer 2016.

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Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion Leads Industry

Bob Reina: A Profile Of A Bold Business Leader

In today’s world of fast paced information being passed all over the internet, it is difficult to find someone who has a credible backstory. Bob Reina has captured our attention with his fascinating story of perseverance and determination. When Bob Reina had a dream and a vision for what video communication could be in the future, he actually saw this vision through to the point where it became a reality. Bob Reina also has an interesting background before he became involved in direct sales that may have supported this positive attitude that drove him towards the successful career that he captured.

In his early days, back in the 1990s, Bob Reina had just graduated from the University of South Florida, and he was excited to join the Tampa Police Force.  He would serve as a Tampa law enforcement officer, patrolling areas and working hard to fight crimes against humanity. It’s no wonder that he gained the leadership skills to be so influential in the world of direct sales and marketing.

Talk Fusion Is Invented

In 2007, Talk Fusion becomes more than a dream. It becomes the reality that Bob Reina had envisioned. Talk Fusion is the leading affordable video communication platform that today’s top businesses use for their video conferencing needs. The company’s platform helps people communicate between businesses and within their companies. They offer a variety of valuable services that cover every video communication, webinar and conferencing need of today’s business community.

It is estimated that 90 percent of internet traffic will be due to video use by 2017. Talk Fusion hopes to be there all the way to help facilitate those needs. They offer a bold and innovative platform that is dynamic and cannot be matched by other competitors.

Coriant Looks For Greater Success With Management Changes

The Coriant brand has been one of the success stories of the telecommunications industry since the business was formed in 2013 by Marlin Equity Partners; the company was formed when the investment business looked to make a move into telecommunications, and purchased the optical networking department of Siemens. Under the leadership of Pat DiPietro Coriant made a number of other purchases of existing companies that allowed them to push forward with their expansion into the communications industry. By the start of 2016 the Coriant brand was ranked as one of the top five optical networking companies in the world having created a client base in more than 100 countries.

Shaygan Kheradpir has been one of the most influential figures in the telecommunications industry throughout his more than 20 year career, which is just one of the reasons why he has been given the role of CEO with Coriant after Pat DiPietro was awarded a promotion within Marlin. Kheradpir graduated from Cornell University with a degree in electrical engineering before embarking on his career with GTE Labs and Verizon.

Following the merger of GTE Labs and Verizon Shaygan Kheradpir made his name as one of the world’s most innovative executives in terms of research and development. During his time with Verizon Shaygan Kheradpir made a number of changes to the way research was completed, including the decision to divide his research professionals into small teams focusing on individual aspects of new software and hardware; this change has now become the industry norm and is credited as a development first introduced by Shaygan Kheradpir. The executive has constantly looked for new areas to develop his skills and those of his employers, which includes his time developing mobile payment options for the financial giant Barclays.

Shaygan Kheradpir rarely likes to enter any new position without completing a large amount of due diligence, which he did for Coriant conducting a thorough review of the company months before being named CEO. Pat DiPietro will return to the Marlin Equity Partners company, but remain an important board member for Coriant as the company looks to the future.

Herb-infused Coffee is the Brainchild of Bernerdo Chua, and it is Covering the Globe

It’s difficult to imagine drinking a healthy cup of coffee or tea, but if you were familiar with Bernardo Chua and his love of the Ganoderma mushroom, you could understand how he has made coffee a healthy experience. Mr. Chua began a direct sales nutritional company, and it has turned into an extremely prosperous networking business of this decade. Organo Gold has one million distributors introducing Ganoderma to their customers, and that is just what Mr. Chua had planned when he began the company in 2008.

Organo Gold has its headquarters in British Columbia, Canada, and in less than eight years it has become the top 55th business in direct sales line-up and it has spread to 30 countries. This is amazing growth for any company, but Organo Gold is lead by Mr. Bernardo Chua.

There is a reason that Bernardo’s company has taken on such success. Mr. Chua is an experienced businessman who had a direct plan for his company. His plan was to introduce Ganoderma and its supreme benefits to the western world. Ganoderma is an ancient herb that originates in the mountains of China and Asian countries. Bernardo was raised on Ganoderma because his mother brought it to the Philippines, where they lived, from China. Bernardo was aware of the strong antioxidant properties and the oxygen enhancing qualities, and he wants to share it with the rest of the world.

Mr Chua takes a rich, health Columbian coffee and infuses it with the herb to create a wonderful tasting and nutritious brew. Organo Gold also sells infused tea and Ganoderma supplements to be taken by mouth.  The Ganoderma has been noted to have incredible healing qualities including kidney and liver support, assisting with diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure and high cholesterol after regular use every day.  That’s one of the reasons Bernardo Chua has won awards for delivering this quality of coffee.

In 2015, Mr Chua shortened the name of his company to Organo. It still carries the same high-quality products along with the delicious Ganoderma-infused Columbian coffee.

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