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Rocketship Program Launches 8 Schools in Washington DC

Southeast Washington’s construction site barely resembles a school yet the parents helping building it can tell you the way around the still-imaginary school like they are the ones who have built it themselves. They are currently deciding what their favorite parts of the building will be whether that is the computer lab or the gymnasium. This building being built is a brand-new Rocketship Center school that will be opening a 54,000-square foot building on top of the Anacostia Hill. Many parents that are helping with this project will be sending their own children to this school when it opens next fall. Groups of parents are even able to interview the teachers before they are offered jobs to ensure that they fit the needs of the students the best way they possibly can. Parents feedback can help determine which candidates the school should hire and which candidates fit the mold for their school the best.

These parents admit they take this job very seriously as this will help shape the future of the Rocket Center school and the education their children as the education many other children share coming into the future. Sometimes parents say a candidate can have a great background but not the best attitude, and that deters them from recommending that teacher as a good candidate to teach their children and other students who will learn there.

The Rocketships is a California-based charter school that launched in 2007 and gained immediate national attention for amazing test scores children were able to attain. They mix traditional teaching with online and computer-assisted instruction to help expand test scores and even with that success, some people say that this way of learning is controversial. Washington DC still allowed the Rocketship to open 8 schools in the DC area including the one in Ward 8 is the first to open. Some parents that wanted to send their children there were critical of the location as convicted felons live nearby and others have said it makes an unsafe environment for children. Opponents argue that it’s a good thing and that the area needs promising upcoming schools and competition for local schools that are also public to up their game in the area. They argue no matter where these schools are located that children deserve better than the schools in the area are providing them now!

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