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Waiakea Water Helps People See Healthy Water Choices

The water that comes from Waiakea Water is Hawaii volcanic water. It is for people who enjoy feeling good about their health and trying things that will make them continue to feel good no matter what. The company has always had a lot of dedication to the way they can make things better and that’s an important part of everything they do. The company spent their time coming up with new ideas and making sure they could help people get positive results for the things they did. They also spent a lot of time trying to make things better for everyone who wanted to feel healthier. The pH balanced water has healing properties and it makes people healthier than what they were before. It’s a water people can feel good about and drink for health. It’s also something people know they can use if they really want to improve their lives.


When Waiakea Water started bottling their water, they came up with ideas to make the water better. They always did their best at creating different things and that’s part of what they did when they were starting the company. They always knew what people were looking for and they tried showing them things would taste better and feel better even after they started doing things the right way. The bottling company learned the right way to bottle water and how they could change the lives of so many people with the water they had to offer.

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Things continued getting better for all the people who used Waiakea Water. They saw the positive results that came from it and they made sure they were enjoying it the right way. They also saw that the company was growing and they were getting more from the things they had to offer. It was their goal of using the water to keep giving back to the community where it came from. It was also a necessary part of the way they did business so they could keep offering more to the people who wanted water that actually made a difference in their own bodies.

Robert Ivy – Aegis Leadership for the American Institute of Architects

On February 1, 2011 Robert Ivy was appointed the new Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the prestigious American Institute of Architects (‘AIA’). Robert has always been an advocate in the science of architecture, which he saw affecting our everyday lives socially, politically, and environmentally. His connection with the American Institute of Architects stems from his service on the AIA Board of Directors in the early years of 1990.

Robert Ivy is a dedicated member of AIA and all its global leadership roles. He was awarded the Master Architect title in 2010 by his fraternity, acknowledging his work as a communicator of design into the future and for the next generations to come. Robert Ivy’s background career included his role as Editor in Chief of Architectural Record in 1996. Read this article at Architectural Record about Robert Ivy

Robert was the Editorial Director and Vice President of McGraw-Hill Construction, and the earlier head of Ivy Architects. For nearly 14 years, Mr. Ivy worked as the managing partner of Dean and Dale before he was appointed several high-level executive positions. Robert Ivy attended the University of the South with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and as the cum laude. He studied architecture at the Tulane University and earned a Master of Architecture degree.

As the aegis of AIA, Robert Ivy will be headquartered in Washington, D.C. managing architectural level employees and a budget for millions of dollars. At the time of Mr. Ivy’s promotion, the President-George H. Miller stated that Ivy’s passion for the industry is what will lead AIA to global prominence and enhance its presence. Follow:

In his new position at the AIA, Robert will manage the national office and will direct its main purpose, which is to grow AIA globally, help AIA become a mainstream organization to educate the public and his peers on architecture. He will also collaborate with the many American Institute of Aarchitects national and international chapters.

At the time of his promotion, the President – George H. Miller said that he looked forward to Robert Ivy leading the American Institute of Architects. Mr. Miller said that he and the Board looked forward to having AIA under Ivy’s aegis because he displays a passion for the industry which will bring a new focus and direction for AIA. Mr. Miller also thanked Paul Welch for his leadership as the interim CEO and EVP. Visit Robert Ivy at Behance for more info.


The American Institute of Architects Continues to Set a High Standard for the Profession

Headquartered in Washington, DC, the American Institute of Architects is over 90,000 members strong, and currently has over 260 chapters worldwide. The organization was founded in 1857 by 13 architects. The agency currently works to provide member architects with the knowledge, tools, and contacts to advance their careers.

There are a number of topics that AIA focuses on. These include building codes, careers, communities, matters of design, global practices, sustainability concerns, and the entire business of architecture. It was in 1966 that Robert Ivy became the organization’s Editor in Chief. He is responsible for helping grow the world’s most widely read journal on architecture.

He is currently the CEO of AIA. He feels that today’s architect is in the process of expanding their abilities and offerings. They have a great deal of potential. They may even take on the role of becoming “creative consultants” that offer advice to a range of industries as time goes on. Their expanded roles may help spur demand for design and building. Even business schools across the nation are beginning to embrace the concepts and benefits of design thinking. At best, architects will develop new skills and insights to solve problems in creative ways.

During 2018, some of the country’s most creative and talented architects will represent their firms in New York City. The conference will take place on June 21-23, 2018.

Under Ivy’s leadership, the public is far more aware of the AIA’s mission now as well. The organization has a sterling reputation for being responsive, proactive, and influential in the building industry. Perhaps, it’s most notable accomplishment is that the public is much more aware of an architect’s relevance. AIA is also instrumental in helping architects address climate change and its impact on public health.

Robert Ivy is a wise and soft-spoken person who can elaborate on any subject dealing with architecture. From urban architecture innovations to software programs to assist architectural design, he is an individual with an ability to tie it all together. Architecture is far beyond simply designing and building. AIA encourages architects to think far beyond any confines and to bring creativity to their field and area of expertise. Ivy does an excellent job. Under his leadership, the organization should continue to grow and thrive.

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Todd Lubar Inspires Entrepreneurs To Focus On Hard Work

Over the years, Todd has been encouraging entrepreneurs to put their best food forward and ensure that they strive to work hard and inspire their employees to follow the same path. Over the years, the entrepreneur has managed to run his business as a going concern by seeking to know everything that happens in his company. In addition, he has learnt the importance of paying attention to detail, as it enables him to come up with sound decisions.

Todd contends on Ideamensch that his most satisfying moment is when he makes a customer happy by helping them to build their entities from scratch. He is motivated to see such businesses thrive. This situation inspires him to continue doing what he loves to do.

When asked to offer a business proposal, Todd posited that people should think about investing in the housing business. This is because most house-finder sites leaves customers doubting about the information posited in their websites. The existence of many people in this business shows that most of them do not take it seriously. In addition, some individuals do not have the requisite academic and professional qualifications to advice on matters housing. This situation erodes customer confidence. Todd Lubar contends that these scenarios do not affect the value of Google, as it continues to help many companies to attract customers through their aggressive campaigns and business models. With the existence of specialized search engines, one can help clients to find a home.

About Todd Lubar

The founder of TDL Global Ventures is known to be passionate about the underserved clients and the needy members of the society. Through the company, Lubar has been able to offer loans. By virtue of having closed more than 700 transactions, he is well-placed to make informed decisions on each loan scenario. Todd gained vast management experience by working for Legacy Financial Group, Charter Funding and Crestar Mortgage Corporation.

Todd is a graduate of Syracuse University. He has vast experience in the real estate business. In his company, Lubar fosters a culture of having open lines of communication and trust. This way, he gives people the liberty and space to express their opinions and ideas, and take initiatives.



Jim Tananbaum Talks About Foresite Capital

Jim Tananbaum is the founder as well as CEO of Foresite Capital. This company was founded in 2011 and is dedicated to healthcare. It helps to identify potential emerging leaders in this industry and then provides them with adequate resources to make them successful.

He is a math as well as electrical engineering/computer science major. He earned this from Yale. His M.D. and M.B.A. are from Harvard. He did his M.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Jim Tananbaum was always passionate about complementing interdisciplinary hard sciences along with computer science as well as healthcare. He feels that we are entering into an era of great change. This would require developing insights into learning along with science.

Jim Tananbaum has over 25 years of experience in being an entrepreneur in healthcare besides being an investment strategist too. This is why he can easily identify the key factors that can enable entrepreneurs and companies to succeed. Most of these factors are based on innovation and the people who can make it happen.

Foresite Capital can understand the future of healthcare and has the ability to harness it well. Jim Tananbaum realizes that innovation in healthcare products would require much more time as well as capital than what most entrepreneurs expect.

According to, this is why Foresite Capital can help emerging leaders by providing them relevant information along with networks, as well as capital that will help them to succeed. The company collects all the available published information. This helps it to know what is needed that will truly impact healthcare. Then they can determine the investment prospects that will be the most viable and have the highest probability of being successful.

Foresite Capital is presently investing in 77 different companies that are related to healthcare. The areas include biopharmaceuticals, besides medical services, as well as diagnostics along with genomic sequencing. The notable among these include 10x Genomics, besides Intarcia Therapeutics, and Aerie Pharmaceuticals along with Aimmune Therapeutics.

Tananbaum likes to spend most of his work day in meetings with other members of his team to discuss the company updates. He looks at new company presentations too.

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