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FreedomPop Review | Understanding How it All Works

As a light internet user, I always say that FreedomPop is the best thing that ever happened to me. I have been enjoying free data for some time and would love to spread the good news around. So am doing this by writing a FreedomPop review to show you just how amazing their data plan is.



Signing Up


Becoming a FreedomPop wireless internet subscriber is pretty straightforward. You need to log into their website and fill in your email address and area zip code. The zip code is to help them identify if they currently offer their packages to your area. Next, they will take you to their data plans page where you can choose a plan that you are most comfortable with. Having done that, you will now chooses a device that suits your preferences and budget. This will be followed by a request for your credit card and shipping information. That done, you will only need to wait for your device to be brought to you by FedEx and you are set to go.





There are five data plan available. Although there is a free data package, it only runs for some time, after which you will need to start paying to get your monthly data. You can use the free data as a trial package. It allows you 500MB of data and 200 minutes talk time plus messages. You can pay a small fee of $2.99 to avoid any hiccups on your free data plan. The other data plans range from 1GB to 10GBs of data. If you do not find the 500MB data enough, you can choose from any of these packages. Should you exhaust your data before the month is up, you will be charged a certain amount for every extra MB of data used.



Earning Extra Data


After you have exhausted your one year of getting free data, you need not quit. There are plenty of way in which you can earn free data, without even having to pay a dime. My friends, who have been subscribed to FreedomPop longer than I have been claim that they have been beneficiaries of this program. By simply logging into your email and connecting with them or letting them know about FreedomPop, you earn 10MB extra data. Another way they earn data is by completing surveys and downloading software from the FreedomPop website.

FreedomPop is Making Waves in the Tech Industry

Tired of paying upwards of a hundred dollars just for a decent mobile data plan on your smartphone? Do you just need a basic data plan on which you can check your email, Facebook and make phone calls? Then, check out the FreedomPop app which offers a decent amount of coverage for five dollars a month!

The FreedomPop app offers unlimited voice calls and texting for just five dollars a month. The FreedomPop app taps into the Sprint wireless network. Unlike other major carriers, the FreedomPop app has access to 10 million hotspots across the country (United States). The CEO of the FreedomPop app speculates that the number of hotspots will increase from 10 million to 25 million. This means that access to a cost effective mobile data plan has become easier than ever. The FreedomPop app plans on using hotspots from venues such as Burger King, Best Buy, Starbucks and McDonalds. With the increasing availability of these venues, customers will have access to cheap, affordable internet both at home and on the go!

Using the FreedomPop app is very simple. All the customer needs to do is to download the FreedomPop app from the Google Play store. The customer does not need to manually connect to the Internet by plugging in a pass key. Instead, the FreedomPop app automatically connects the customer to a hotspot. This seamless connection brings the Internet to the customer’s fingertips.

The FreedomPop app makes checking email or Facebook very simple. For just the price of a cup of coffee, customers can have access to millions of hotspots across the Internet with just a simple click. The FreedomPop app fits anyone’s budget, from the college kid to a family of five. Get it today!

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