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Aloha Construction Company’s Vision is More Than Just Dollar Signs

It’s not very often that you find a company that values customer satisfaction, giving back to the community, and exceptional dedication to service over profits, but according to a recent article on The Bro Talk website and hundreds of satisfied customers, that’s exactly what Aloha Construction is all about- Giving.


What sets Aloha Construction apart from the others?

Dave Farbaky, owner of Aloha Construction is definitely into giving back to the local community. Besides being the founder of The Dave Farbaky Foundation, a Charity that gives assistance to needy families and helps young people in the community recognize the benefits of helping others by giving back, Dave Farbaky runs a business that strives to provide the best service possible at all times. An A+ rating with the BBB is one of the company’s greatest achievements, and they have maintained that rating over the years through a pride of workmanship, mandatory employee training before starting with the company, and through prompt and reliable on-the-job performance. Aloha construction is a roofing and siding company that the people and many general contractors of southern Wisconsin, Illinois, and Northwest of Chicago have come to trust and rely on for quality roofing and siding installation and repairs. When storms come, people turn to Aloha construction.


Why giving back is so important to Dave Farkaby

In August of 2016, Aloha Construction and Learning Express Toys launched a shopping spree for needy children. The Dave Farkaby Foundation, also known as the DFF, was the catalyst for this event and many others that followed. The DFF is the charitable branch of Aloha Construction and is committed to helping children and families in the Lake County Community. Farkaby’s goal is to inspire future generations and help them to understand the importance of giving back to the community and that there are other things more important to some businesses than money or the bottom line.–147077274/pp

George Soros is Still a Guiding Light in The Financial World

Everyone has no doubt heard of George Soros at this point. He was the one man whose name seemed to be uttered by the media more than both candidates combined during the 2016 United States Presidential election. Soros is an avid supporter of progressive political agendas, and works diligently with a great many philanthropic and charitable organizations all over the world to help those less fortunate to have a better life. He is also a driving force behind a great deal of social activism and justice activities in the US.

So how did a man who was born in Hungary in 1930 come to be one of the most respected, wealthiest, and powerful individuals in the world today? The simple answer is through hard work and determination, not to mention careful choices, and a natural talent for being able to look at the bigger picture no matter what the subject was. Born a Jew in Budapest right before the occupation of Hungary by the Nazis, George didn’t have a traditional childhood. He had to struggle to survive, along with his family and countless others, in the face of unspeakable oppression. Read more about George’s life story at

When he was older he fled the country, and headed to England where he soon took a job as a railroad porter, and later a waiter, in order to not only support himself but to attend the London School of Economics. After graduating, he was able to get his first job in the world of finance when he took a position at a merchant bank. From here he built a reputation for having a talent with numbers and the growing of money. He soon found himself being in demand and moved to New York City, where he started his first fun in 1969 with only $12M. The fund, which would later be known as the Quantum Fund, would prove to be one of the most successful of its time, and out of its success grew the foundations of Soros Fund Management. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

SFM, George Soros’ family firm, currently has over $30B in assets in holding and is considered to be one of the most respected fund management organizations in the world. Recently, Soros made a move to ensure that it stays that way for the long-term future when he appointed Dawn Fitzpatrick as SFM’s new CIO. In the position, Fitzpatrick, the seventh CIO since 2000 for the firm, will helm all portfolio activities and help to ensure that the excellence and success that Soros Fund Management is known for remains unequaled.

George Soros is a man who is well known for a wide variety of reasons, but it is safe to say that he is a man of many layers whose brilliance and devotion to the public good are still being discovered by most. George Soros is a great example of a model human being, who has persevered and overcome and in the journey he has taken found a way to give back without reservation.

How Marc Sparks Inspires Hundreds of Startups to Succeed Through Tenacity and Insight

Marc Sparks is a man who has surmounted many obstacles to become a serial entrepreneur and a prominent venture capitalist. He is an embodiment of what a resilient spirit coupled with long term strategic business plans can achieve in the investment industry. His strong faith in developing lasting and winning strategies has a strong foundation in religion and God. His story in venture capital investment is unique in the sense that he has helped to build many startups into leading organizations.

The huge revenue running into millions, by the conservative estimates of those who are privy to his finances, is solely due to the shrewd business acumen that he displays in all the transactions he engages in. Mr. Sparks rose to his present position through dedication and diligence, but not because he had a foundation in any industrial training or the study of financial investment. In Dallas, Texas where most of his operations are based, he has received great respect, and acclaim from his competitors and business partners alike . He is an excellent present day American investor in every sense of the word because had it not been for his forward-thinking philosophy of taking calculated risks, he could not be the owner of the sprawling business empire.

Marc Sparks has written a book that is inspiring many investors, and the private equity organization he owns specializes in turning the dreams many passionate entrepreneurs have into products and services that generate massive revenue. Timber Creek Capital provides nearly everything a person might need in business from capital, equipment, office space, to banking, accounting, and legal services. Other areas of investment in which he extends his interests include expertise in customer services, web development and graphic art designs, intellectual capital, merchant banking, and networking.

He is tenacious and full of vigor for living purposefully. It is this trait the makes him a pillar of organizational synergy. No one knows how to navigate and steer a business from birth to maturity the way he does. The secret to his success might be in the ability he possesses of combining serious business with fun. For over 37 years he has nurtured many organizations in the media industry, construction, and telecommunications to prosperity. Some of the companies he owns include Jay Wireless, Splash Media, and Cardinal Telecoms. Apart from being at the forefront of managing his businesses, he also sells own-designed strategic solutions to upstarts.

In the philanthropic community of Dallas, he is a household name because he generously donates to many charitable events, and nonprofits like the Samaritan Inn. He also supports education through American Can! Academy – a series of attractive programs for high schools, and his foundation known as Marc’s Sparky gives poor children computers. In the inspiring book “They Can’t Eat You.” he tells the story of his success. His hobbies include traveling, hiking, fishing, biking, and other outdoor activities.


Kevin Seawright Helps Individuals Obtain Their First Homes


Kevin Seawright is the creator of RPS Solutions LLC. RPS Solutions LLC is a firm that is located in Baltimore that helps to manage and develop homes in neighborhoods. The people that typically buy these homes are people that would not otherwise be able to afford such a home.

RPS Solutions LLC was founded in 2015. During this year they started to renovate houses and construct them so that buyers that are financially strapped could own their own homes in Baltimore. Kevin Seawright always had a vision to make housing affordable to lower income individuals. That is why he started RPS Solutions LLC. He wanted to make owning a home easier for the residents of Baltimore. He believes that owning a home is very important. It is important because it can help add value to neighborhoods that are declining in value.

RPS Solutions LLC is working with several different people. They are working with Housing and Community Development and Baltimore City Officials. They want to fix up homes so that first time buyers that wouldn’t otherwise be able to buy a home can buy one in Baltimore.

Kevin Seawright helped a friend’s son get affordable housing. The son’s mother worked with Kevin Seawright for years in the city of Baltimore. Her son thought that he wouldn’t be able to buy a home because of his budget. However, Kevin Seawright helped him found a house.

Seawright has worked in a lot of different positions. These include the government, real estate, and education. All of these positions where in either the Baltimore or Washington, DC areas.

His company RPS Solutions LLC helps first time home buyers find affordable homes so they can buy them. They want to increase the amount of people that own homes in the Baltimore area. This will help the future of the communities there and the people.

Kevin is a wonderful man that has created an amazing company, hot on the heels of his tenure as vice president of NCEDC. He has a lot of experience with real estate. With his help and the help of his company hundreds of families are now home owners in the city of Baltimore.

Talk Fusion: A company dedicated to helping the community


Talk Fusion is a video communications company that was established in the year 2007. The company’s foundation was built by dedicating its time to help communities around the world and helping people to realize their dreams. The company has been noted as one the top fifty companies in the Direct Selling Association. Talk fusion has also been cited as one of the world’s fastest growing video communications. Talk fusion was founded on sweat, hard work, and dedication. Talk Fusion has helped to build businesses in over one hundred and forty countries, utilizing its innovative video marketing tools. The company has been utilized to help bring awareness to the Humane society of Tampa Bay as well.

Bob Reina, the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, is a very ambitious person, who is committed to helping change people’s lives for the better. Bob is very dedicated to the company and the people working in it as well. Bob often promotes Talk Fusion through the direct sales industry in order to make it the next billion dollar brand. Bob Reina believes that the company can help anyone, who comes to it with a dream and dedication. Mr. Reina founded Talk Fusion with a vision to help people enhance their lives while helping them realize their potential, excelling them to pursue their dreams without fear, and giving back to the communities all around the world. His dedication to the community drives him to often state,” With great success comes an even greater responsibility”.

Bob Reina has had a large influence on the Tampa Bay community. Both Talk Fusion and Mr. Reina have predominantly contributed to bringing awareness to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. Talk Fusion also produced a video in order to promote the awareness of the Humane Society in Tampa. Mr. Reina launched a program offering Talk Fusion’s associates to donate a free account to one charity of their choosing.

The Many Benefits Of Manse On Marsh

To be serene is to be in a tranquil setting, to be free from stress and to feel the sense of happiness and well-being. The Manse on Marsh is a desirable senior community in the heart of San Luis Obispo. This facility is for those looking to spend their golden years under the constant vigilance of caretakers. The facility is also a powerful tool in the process of liberating from stress and anxiety for seniors. The longer they stay in it, the more effectively they will function in their life affairs.

There are many resources one can find at the Manse on Marsh. From fresh food daily served to cleaning, bathing and transportation assistance, one can find living in an atmosphere that is suitable for like-minded people in similar situations. There are also many ways to cultivate serenity at the Manse on Marsh and some of them include daily routine, physical exercise, prayer and meditation. The mutual influence between all these features and senior citizens has been known for centuries. Regular physical exercise for people in their retirement age provides not only energy and mental clarity but a positive state of emotion as well. It also contributes positively in terms of ability to relax and sleep soundly.

The Manse on Marsh has activities where yoga and mediation classes are held in variety of forms. It offers a mental discipline for residents through which they are able to become still and quiet in mind and body. Over the past few years, many seniors who had lived in this community setting have benefited from such classes, and medical researchers have repeatedly noted its many positive emotional benefits as well. All these features have also been recognized for the support, strength and comfort they lend to those who are looking forward for a peaceful life. The Manse on Marsh is a great place to be for senior citizens if they are unable to do daily chore on their own. The function of this facility is to influence their well-being to bring in positive outcome in a safe environment without undergoing serious interventions and hassles.  Follow them on Twitter for more, which can be found @TheManseonMarsh.

Elite Daily Shares The New Fabletics Swim Line

Swim at Fabletics is now a reality, and Elite Daily has shown the new swim line from Fabletics to the world. Elite Daily shared the most amazing new swimwear line in a long time because it is a part of the athleisure trend that is taking over fashion. Swim from Fabletics is a really nice thing for women who want to find something that is easy to wear and manage, and the swim clothes at Fabletics will work at the beach and the gym.

Finding something to wear the beach and the gym is really hard for most women, and hey end up feeling weird when they get to the gym in their beach suit. These women have to find something that is more functional, and they have found it in the swim clothes at Fabletics. Fabletics is a line by Kate Hudson that is all about being as easy to wear as possible.

A Bustle article said that the best part of this is that people will enjoy wear these suits to the gym because they look better than most athletic wear. The suits can be shoved into a gym bag, and they come out looking great. The company’s stellar Instagram stories have been famous for making it easy for women to get ready in the morning.

On their Facebook page, Women who want to work out at the gym can wear anything from Fabletics, and they can take that same suit with them to the beach. The most active women can go from the gym at the hotel to the beach without changing, and that makes their whole day a lot easier. Fabletics is supposed to be simple, and their clothes even work with other athleisure clothes (full info can be obtained by visiting

The bikini tops look great with skirts, and the one piece suits will go well with athleisure skirts. Every woman can get dressed once for the whole summer day, and she will look great all day.

White Shark Media Knows Online Marketing

When a business needs an article, website, or a blog on their products and services placed on the Internet the only way people are going to be able to find the business is by typing into search engines specific keywords related to the business offering the products and services.
Specific keywords are essential for increased profits, less complaints, and productivity of that, businesses product or services provided. In order to successfully target your business in people’s internet searches means targeting the right keywords. Strategically placed primary keywords in titles, Meta descriptions, content, and images mean a successful website and content. Never overuse keywords, but put them throughout the content and be sure they read well and do not sound silly, jumbled together or spammy. White Shark Media knows what businesses need to do to increase Internet traffic to websites. Increased website traffic by using Search Engine Optimization means increased business, client base, and profits.

White Shark Media is a company devoted to helping business owners focus these essential keywords in the right way. Keywords are of utmost importance in any search engine marketing strategy. Thus, SEO or Search Engine Optimization has all to do with keywords that are used in the right context and strategically placed so people can find your site. Keywords help to set your business out front, targeting your desired audience, so your website is available to the public. However, when the person feels that the only way individuals find your site is by stuffing keywords in titles, Meta descriptions, and information content. Stuffing keywords are meant to trick Search Engines into bringing more people to your site when in fact stuffing keywords work just the opposite. White Shark Media knows how to help businesses promote a high rating in Search Engines and give users insight on how to solve problems with websites, and bring more traffic to your site.

According to a White Shark Media review, the company is aware of all the do’s and do not’s of strategically placed keywords for Search Engine Optimization. The big question is, “How many keywords are enough or too much?” Generally speaking, primary keywords should not be used no more than four times. Never use secondary keywords no more than three times, including title, Meta description, and content. Using keywords more then this constitutes keyword stuffing. It is always good to mention keywords in any title, and in the main headline. Search Engines quickly pick up on these words. Some people do not feel that Meta descriptions help your rankings in searches. However, others believe that good Meta descriptions using primary keywords do contribute to placing you in a higher Google rating.

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QNet’s New Partnerships Help The Needy

QNet does more than just sell products and services. QNet cares. The Hong Kong-based direct selling company has set up it “We Care” initiative to aid families that are suffering from unforeseen tragedies.

Recently, QNet pledged major support for those persons who were devastated by the Chennai flooding catastrophe. The company announced its support at a film awards event, and a great deal of publicity was gained.

The Chennai flood was the disastrous result of major storms in the vicinity of the city. Massive flooding made scores of people homeless. At the IIFA Utasavam event to honor South India filmmakers, a public pledge of flood relief packages and assistance was made by QNet.

And now, QNet is taking the initiative to help people who are dealing with kidney disease. Specifically, QNet is donating a kidney dialysis unit to a 100-bed hospital.

QNet does know the company can only do so much on its own. In business, QNet works with affiliate members to sell products and services. Similar strategic partnerships are set up when the company seeks to contribute to humanitarian causes. QNet has formed such a partnership with Lions Club International, and both entities are going to work very hard at directing assets towards humanitarian causes.

QNet’s business model is direct selling. Everything from health products to educational course may be sold through a direct selling strategy. QNet has quickly become an industry leader in direct selling. The company has affiliates located in scores of countries across the world.

The new partnership with Lion’s Club helps with that goal.

QNet intends to maximize its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives throughout the world. In particular, the company plans to address homelessness among other causes. Through forming more strategic partnerships and their network of dedicated employees, QNet is going to be better able to tackle social woes.

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