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Back Home: Dr. Jennifer Waldren

Dr. Jennifer Walden, a top aesthetic plastic surgeon in her field, has come home to Austin, Texas to further her career and raise her family. Harper’s Bazaar has named her one of the United States 24 best beauty surgeons. She trained with one of the top beauty surgeons in her field, she has opened a successful Manhattan practice, and she is a peer acknowledged leader. She has been named as one of the only women to the board of directors for the American Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Society. She is a published author, media regular, and an award winning surgeon. When she decided to become a single mother, she knew the move back to Austin was the best one possible.

Jennifer Walden’s success comes from her hard work, drive, and compassion. She is described as warm and caring by her patients. They know how busy she is, but she never comes across as rushed to her patients. Before moving to New York, Walden received her formal education and MD from Texas universities. She wanted her large and supportive family around when she raised her two boys. Sometimes, she feels like being a surgeon is easier than being a mom. Kids are unpredictable, and the surgical room is easily controlled.

The move back home came with cost to her career but not for too long. She had to start all over again, and her supportive family played a big role in that. Her practice had to be re-established. This move was not difficult for her because she knew that she was a hard working, over achiever and she would make it happen.


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