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EOS Lip balm offers a great packing, a sweet smell and a wonderful taste

The EOS lip balm came with a totally new different lip balm concept. The product directors never wanted to make something that would be another fad. They wanted to engineer a product that would provide a test of all time. They managed to do this through a proper packaging and proper ingredients. Today, the EOS lip balm has beat most of its competitors. It has proved to be an extremely useful product for a very long time. The lip balm has been constantly pleasurable. It is effective and provides a consistent pleasure when used.

The EOS product is meant to engage all your five senses. It has a soft round packaging that engages your eyes and hours. The colors of the orbs and its smells create a significant flavor you will always want to have. Even the talk of it from a friend makes you want to engage with the lip balm.

EOS lip balm has managed to beat other products in the market due to the perfectness in the product. According to Fast Company at, the product has managed to beat other products due to the perfect nature of their product. This has seen it receive a massive social media following. A simple google search reveals talks of the amount of press the business has received in the recent past.

The product success is also highly attributed to the pricing and packaging. The round idea of the lip balm came from customer research. Women initially never found a product that could be placed in their backs without worrying about having them roll off a dresser. The company then decided to make a product that had a natural roundness. The natural roundness is something that women appreciate instinctively. The exclusive ingredients that come with the product helps one hydrate their lips through sealing its moisture.

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Be Bolder with Lime Crime

Anyone who loves color or loves nontraditional makeup knows how hard it can be to find the colors that are pleasing to the eye while still managing to be eye-catching at the same time. They struggle daily with whether they should put harmful chemicals on their face or whether it is a better idea to simply go with boring colors. Many people even have to make their own makeup because of this and end up with inconsistent results from each time that they make the choice to make the makeup that is in the colors that they love.

Doe Deere believes that she has solved this problem with her makeup brand, Lime Crime. Lime Crime is intended for people who love color but also love to have high-quality ingredients in their makeup. In the past, it was nearly impossible to find bright colors that would show up well on the skin. Makeup was made mostly in tones of beige and red. It was boring for people who love color and something that many people simply did not want to have to deal with everyday. For that reason, they just didn’t wear makeup or settled for the boring kind that they didn’t really love. Read more:

As people became more progressive, they started to recognize the need for bright and bold makeup. This makeup, however, had many dangerous chemicals in it. It came from China and it was detrimental to the skin. It caused acne as well as many other health problems because it was filled with lead. It was dangerous to use but many people still continued to use it because it was the only option that they had for the bold colors that they loved to use on a daily basis and because it was fun for them.

Doe Deere solved this dilemma. As a makeup blogger, she recognized the need for healthier makeup options all around, especially in bold-colored makeup. She knew that it would be nearly impossible to find the kind of bold makeup that she wanted without risking her health. She made her own makeup. She started to use it on her blog and her readers loved it. She made the decision to market it and the Lime Crime brand quickly grew. She began to sell it to retailers and on her website while her blog took a backseat. She now focuses mostly on the Lime Crime makeup.

Obtaining Hair Inspiration by Using Wen by Chaz Products

It seems as if there is never a time when someone can turn on their television and not witness some sort of over-the-top hair commercial highlighting products promising to transform your hair to those just like the models flipping their strands from side to side in some tropical setting. Very few people can relate to these commercials, which is the entire reason behind Emily McClure’s experiment using Wen hair by Chaz cleansing conditioner. In the hopes to obtain some life for her fine hair, McClure used this product for one week.
Before her results are revealed, it is important to give some credit to WEN hair by Chaz Dean products. Being a celebrity hair stylist has its perks: You meet the stars, you learn the Hollywood gossip, and you have the experience necessary to know what it takes to bestow perfect hair on all women. Using all of these advantages has allowed Chaz Dean to take the best ingredients packed with nutrients from all over the world, place them in a bottle with other essential oils and fragrances, and put them on the shelves for millions to try. With so much recognition given to this name, it is crucial to have some evidence that backs up these celebrity claims. Check out the Wen hair products gallery:

In less than a week of using Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner, Emily noticed that her hair was deprived of nutrients for far too long. With locks that seemed endless in terms of volume, softness, and shine, Emily was ready to tackle the world and to certainly continue using this product. As her skepticism was laid to rest, the beauty industry became a whole lot more competitive as rivals continued to strive to make products that are just like Wen by Chaz Dean’s.Visit their website for more info.

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Talk Fusion: Leader in Video Communication

Video communication is increasingly becoming more and more popular. Maybe it’s because everyone is looking for instant information. People want to visually see and hear the latest news. That is why Talk Fusion is quickly becoming one of the top ten video marketing businesses out there. Talk Fusion has found a way to help people communicate more effectively than ever before.

What exactly is Talk Fusion? Talk Fusion is one of the world’s first video marketing solutions. They have created products such as Video Email, Video Newsletters, and Video Chat for people to use to help increase sales, attract customers to their business, and get the word out there about their business. These products are amazing as they will help build the future you have always dreamed out. You can use these products to promote upcoming sales and fundraisers, conduct a business meeting, or even just send out a thank you message to your customers. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using these video products.

To start, you simply use any camera to record a video. Once you have a video, you log into your Talk Fusion account and upload that video to the Talk Fusion portal. You can use your own customization or use one of the free templates. If you are looking to include a video in an email, you can do so by uploading it right in the email. When someone clicks on the video link, it will automatically play in the email.

The Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, has come up with a mission of giving back. He wanted these products to be user-friendly, so everyone is able to live out their dreams. Bob has dedicated his life to helping others whether it is through animal charities, communities, and even friends and family.

Bob has always been passionate about giving back. He donated $1 million to the Tampa Bay Humane Society, which is the highest donation they have ever received. He has also donated to an Indonesian orphanage. Bob believes everyone deserves a chance and hopes that this mission shows through Talk Fusion and their products.


Lime Crime’s Doe Deere Proves She’s Tough, Savvy Businesswoman

Lime Crime CEO and founder Doe Deere has learned that you need to develop a thick skin in the makeup business. It’s a cut-throat world where giant companies have ruled the makeup palettes for years, until Doe Deere came to town.

The Russian born beauty took her dream of vibrant, crazy colors and moved to New York City, learning to navigate through a huge metropolis. She had trouble hunting down fun makeup to wear, so she decided to establish her own company, Lime Crime. That was eight years ago, and since that time, Doe Deere has slowly and steadily made her beautiful mark on the world, as jealous haters tried to bury her company.

Doe Deere tells that mean people just come with the territory, and if you’re successful in business, haters can create nasty things about you that are purely baseless. She’s always been tough and a fighter, and the hard work is paying off, having been named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine. Like her wildly-colored makeup brand, Doe Deere is fearless.

Doe Deere has decided to ignore the haters and keep developing palettes with rich pigments that feature unusual colors like yellow lipstick and red eye shadow. Her makeup brand definitely has an edge to it, and fans around the world have discovered Lime Crime’s uniqueness.

Lime Crime and Doe Deere are big on social media, because engaging with an interactive platform can only better a company’s image by reaching out to its customer base. Lime Crime has exceeded two million-plus followers on Instagram, and fans have responded by sending creative selfies wearing her cosmetics.

Lime Crime can be bought online at the shopping site and is sold at major retailers like Urban Outfitters. Her liquid-to-matte Velveteens lipsticks are so popular, that other makeup companies are now duping some of the colors and trying to play catch up. Doe Deere was offering bright blue lipstick to her fans way before the other giant cosmetics companies took notice. Unusual makeup colors have now gone mainstream, thanks to Doe Deere’s vision.

Perhaps Doe Deere’s About me page says it best:

“I make makeup for girls and boys like me, who express themselves unapologetically. Lime Crime is freedom to be you!”

Doe Deere is also big on helping others and has given to numerous charities that improve the lives of children, animals and women.


Two Million Unicorns And Growing: The Lime Crime Brigade


Doe Deere is from Russia–at least that’s where she was born. But she was raised in New York City, and currently lives in Los Angeles. Between her birth, upbringing, and professional career, Doe has seen every side of the fashion industry. It’s no wonder her sensibilities have become popular enough to fairly enwrap the globe. Doe identified a need and filled it with an alternative cosmetic option that, as yet, has no equal. That option is Lime Crime.

Lime Crime has a sublime rhyme to it, and so far it’s stood the test of time, becoming popular in 2008 and continuing in popularity today. Any business that can withstand five years’ operation is one that will likely endure; but Doe Deere’s escapades are quickly becoming a sensation. Recently, her Instagram account transcended two million followers.

Called unicorns, Lime Crime users have a creative nature to them. Doe Deere herself doesn’t look at makeup as a means of enhancing beauty. She looks at makeup as a means of individualized expression. That is one reason she has dubbed her followers unicorns. They are unique, expressive individuals who are not afraid to loudly, vibrantly express their stylistic proclivities to the world. And that loud individuality has definitely caught on. To fully understand why requires a deeper examination of the history of Lime Crime itself, and Doe Deere’s trek to success.

Lime Crime wasn’t always related to cosmetic solutions. Originally, Lime Crime was a term Doe used to describe her favorite shade of green; a vibrant lime so eye-popping “it should be illegal!”. Though, not literally of course; that’s just Doe’s approach to colors. There’s an eye-popping quality to them that sort of acts like a tangy, citrusy flavor for the eyes. If the eyes could taste, Lime Crime would be sweet and sour at the same time. But Doe wasn’t originally working with cosmetics when the name came about. At first she was designing a line of fashionably chic and unique dresses. Though this clothing line didn’t take off as she would have hoped, it did retain the name Lime Crime. Eventually it was abandoned, however; and between 2002 and 2008 there were no Lime Crime forays. During this time Doe and her husband performed throughout LA in a band called Sky Salt, which had some moderate success. It certainly put Doe in a position to see stylistic fashion trends, and develop her own brand accordingly.

Now, eight years after Sky Salt broke up, two million unicorns march behind the Instagram of Doe Deere’s Lime Crime, coming up with their own unique and beautiful configurations with the Lime Crime line of colors. And so, through endless possibilities in color combination and application, the unicorns of Lime Crime are revolutionizing fashion.

To find out more, visit or check out Doe Deere’s Instagram account.

Lazy Girl Diet Hacks to Beauty Tips

Since its 2005 launch YouTube has becoming a way for new faces to show their ideas, comedy and talent to the world.

One of the most famous YouTube celebrities is Wengie, the owner of the most subscribed to Asian beauty channel in Australia. Wengie’s website covers a range of topics in her videos, including everything from lazy girl diet hacks to beauty tips.

Wengie is a self-proclaimed workaholic and started video blogging as a hobby to keep her mind busy after working hours. She is very random in her posts but likes to keep things “all girly.” She is famous for reviewing new clothing and makeup.

A complete opposite of Wengie, Olajide “KSI” Olatunji has gained over 10 million subscribers. He plays games online through EA and uploads videos of his gaming as well as original commentary. He has a very lively and funny personality. His username is KSIOlajidebt, which is a clever mix of his name, love of the game Halo and his internet provider.

Those who love Minecraft should check out Adam Dahlberg. He posts frequent updates about gameplay along with original commentary. He is good friends with fellow gamer, Mark Fischbach. Mark also has around 11 million subscribers and likes to post updates and videos of his friends gaming and commentary.

Known for his commentary regarding gay culture and politics, Tyler Oakley has gained more than 8 million subscribers since starting YouTube in 2007. In 2014, he was voted most popular male internet star at the Teen Choice Awards.

You just need a great video editing program and the passion for making videos. Be original and be yourself and you can be a star!

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