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Why Is ClassDojo Beneficial To Our Education System


For a long time, the relationship between teachers and parents has not been quite good. Poor communication has contributed to the poor performance of most students. This factor hurts problem solving between the teachers and the parents. Sometimes students have problems that require the attention of both the teacher and the parent. Having no link connecting the two makes the problem even bigger and affect students’ performance either directly or indirectly. By establishing a platform for teachers, student and parents, there is a chance of solving problems facing the students. It can also provide ground-up change process in schools. This change can help in students’ performance either in class or in co-curricular activities.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a name of a Francisco-based start-up company. The company developed a smartphone application to provide a platform where students, teachers, and parents can connect, share ideas and solve problems together. Since its inception, the company has been focusing on making education better. For first three years, it did not perform well. ClassDojo upgraded and equipped the app with more features. Today, over 85000 schools across the United States are using the application.

Services Offered By the App

By installing the app on your smartphone, as a parent, you can access all the information on your kid. These includes performance in class, cocurricular activities, and books needed. Parents can also make payments using the app among other things. By having access to these details, you can know how your kid is doing, notably his or her strengths and weaknesses. Parents can also communicate using the application and choose whether to involve the student in the conversation or not. Students can also use the application to access homework, share ideas with others, and engage in class-based group discussions.


Two out of three schools in the United States are currently using the application. ClassDojo says that the number of users is rising daily. If all schools in the country adopt the app, student performance will drastically improve. Moreover, it will pave the way for a community of learners through the platform.


Since the application was re-launched, it has received lots of positive response. The growth has accelerated, and more schools can access the ClassDojo service. Recently, the company raised about $21 million; the money will be used for app development and marketing. ClassDojo also offers their services to other countries.

ClassDojo’s Efforts in Making School Workshops a Thing of the Past

The brilliant ingenuity that lies in Class Dojo is allowing parents to be up to date with their children’s progress in school through an interactive and easy to use platform. In building its brand and promoting itself to the market, this brilliant application has launched a new useful tool referred to as Student Stories. In this new tool, a student can upload images and videos to their profiles capturing memorable moments in their routine school days and sharing them with their families back at home.
ClassDojo came about as a means to ensure that parents are in the loop about the nitty gritty of what goes on in schools. In so doing, Student stories have enabled students to capture from a poem recitation in class to finally solving a math problem and sharing their learning experiences with their families.
In the spirit of upholding its easy-to-use interface value, the application allows students to upload their material even without having to submit their login credentials or being in possession of their own individual devices. All they have to do is scan a specific QR code, upload their material and can also comment and tag classmates with whom they were in carrying out their tasks. Content that is added by students must be approved by their class teachers before it is allowed to be sent back home to their parents.
Established in 2011 by co-founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, ClassDojo was formed as a means to reinvent the classroom and bring teachers, students and their parents together. The application serves as a tool for teachers to encourage their students by making the learning environment much appealing and fun. In engaging the students, teachers are able to instill the culture of teamwork persistence and hard work. The application is workable on all Android devices, Kindle Fire, and any computer device.
The application has won favor with numerous teachers and learning institutions having established itself in two of every three schools in the United States. ClassDojo allows students to not only send photos and videos to their parents but also to send instant direct messages. This user-friendly platform also allows for any announcements made to reach the involved parties in only a matter of seconds. In earning the trust of their extensive clientele, the company guarantees the outmost privacy and security of all information and material that is uploaded to the application.


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