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Famous Founder of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is a dedicated person in the sector of technology and has been on the frontline dedicating his life towards ensuring that achieves in her career. She has been working towards helping so many people achieve in their lives. In fact, she has been known for helping so many people achieve in their career. She has always been on the forefront making sure that she makes in her career. She has been known as the famous founder and the CEO of Bumble and also the co-founder of Tinder. These are some of the most popular dating apps in the sector and she has been able to achieve tremendously in the career. Tinder happens to be the most popular dating app in the sector. In fact, it has topped the list since it was established while Bumble happens to be the fourth most popular dating app in the industry.

Whitney Wolfe was involved in the development of the Tinder app immediately she has left East Asia whereby she was working at an orphanage. She has always had the passion to serve fellow humans and have always dedicated her life towards securing other people. Her passion in the sector has been awesome and she has been able to grow because of her dedication and just passion. She has been on the frontline making sure that she helps as many companies expand. While developing Tinder, she was involved because of her expertise in marketing because she had no expertise in creating and coding apps herself. She was given the responsibility of looking for a good selling name and at the same time help in the marketing of the company. She worked tirelessly towards making sure that she helped the company achieves success. She was always on the forefront achieving great success. Whitney Wolfe has been respected for her expertise in marketing brands and was able to market Tinder dating app to millions of students who became regular users.

Whitney Wolfe has been on the frontline helping people achieve success through massive commitment. She has always worked towards achieving passion but later her dreams were almost shuttered. She left the company and was refunded back her shares. She received $1 million which she used to launch Bumble. She launched the company in the year 2014 in partnership with Badoo founder. The app is fourth most popular in the industry and they have continued to launch more verticals which have helped them to grow in the industry very well and comfortably. She has been able to achieve a lot of goals in the industry.

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A Brief Look at Todd Lubar’s Impressive Career Profile

Todd Lubar began his journey in the real estate industry in 1975. Over time, it became apparent to Todd Lubar that he would help others become homeowners. As a result, Todd decided to make finance and real estate his lifelong career. He began his career at Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. Over time, he has learned the model of conventional mortgage banking. While at Crestar Mortgage Corporation, Todd Lubar spent time building relationships with financial planners, real estate agents, insurance agents, and CPA’s.

According to Patch, in 1999, Todd Lubar decided to take to shift his real estate focus to a higher level by acquiring a controlling stake of Legacy Financial Group. That created an opportunity for Todd Lubar to increase his lending capacity. He would also be able to lend as a direct mortgage bank and provide loans to outside investors. In 2002, he founded a residential development agency, Legendary Properties LLC to help others fulfil their dreams of owning homes. Over time, Todd Lubar embarked on developing relationships with experts in the world of real estate. That enabled him to establish relationships with major lending institutions and establish lines of credits, which are worth as high as 20 million dollars. Check out to see more

Todd Lubar cemented his commitment to the Mortgage Banking industry by opening Charter Funding. It operates under First Magnus Financial Corporation, which is one of the US leading privately-held mortgage banks. That allowed Todd Lubar to further expand his venture as there was overwhelming access to loan products and programs. After observing trends in real estate for close to 12 years, Mr. Lubar identified a niche of underserved clients. As a result, he founded Legendary Properties, which is a lending institution for both individuals and corporations. Todd Lubar would use his savings along with the liquidity of Legendary Properties to aid a market of borrowers who are often overlooked by traditional banks. Undertaking over 7,000 transactions helped Todd Lubar to hone his skills to analyze risks of nearly any loan scenario. He would also make informed decisions based on the current market trends. Todd Lubar resides with his wife and their two children in Bethesda, Maryland. You can follow him on Twitter

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Trabuco: The Weapon that Decided Victories in the Middle Ages

People who learned the kingdoms of Middle Ages would know the importance of Trabuco in the military arm units of each country. For centuries, it was considered as one of the most destructive weapons that had a huge demand in China, Arab World, Europe, South America, and more. It is a siege weapon largely used for crushing the walls of forts during the Middle Ages. While it produces similar results to catapult, Trabuco was less complex, easy to make, simple enough to carry from one place to another, and more.

The weapon was invented by the Chinese about 400 BC, and that reached the other continents in the later years. It uses the mechanism of converting the potential energy into kinetic energy to launch the projectiles with higher velocity. The basic working mechanism of Trabuco is taken from Sling, and people advanced it to make larger projectiles launched with greater speed. In the initial days, only people were pulling down the short arm to project the objects from the Trabuco. In the later years, larger Trabucos were introduced which needed a maximum of 45 people to launch the projectiles.

In the earlier days, Wu Jing Yao de Zong of China and his army made large Trabucos, and some of them could carry 140-pound stones effortlessly for many meters. However, it was less convenient and efficient, and people used it only until the eleventh century. During those days, Arab merchants brought the weapon to the Middle East. They redesigned it and added extra weight to the short arm to make it more powerful. These hybrid Trabucos originated in the early thirteenth century could hurl 400-pound weighing stones.

When Europeans saw the hybrid Trabucos for the first time in the Crusades, they identified the potential benefits with the destructive arm. They improved the counterweighing mechanism of Trabucos to advance its accuracy and effective power. The European versions of Trabucos could significantly push the weight of the projectiles and the distance covered during hurling. Many of those could carry stones weighing more than a ton to significantly greater distances. Europeans also used it to through sand barrels, living prisoners, human heads, and more. After the entry of gunpowder, Trabuco lost its prominence. Check for more about Trabuco on



Paul Mampilly: Taking you to Wall Street from the Main Street

Over the past one year, very few publications have been able to grow at exponential rates in the financial sector. Amongst those that saw high subscription levels is Profit Unlimited Newsletter edited by Paul Mampilly. The editorial is owned by Banyan Hill Publishing formerly called Sovereign Society. The newsletter subscriptions hit ninety thousand subscriptions over the past one year. To be precise the newsletter that high figure a year after it was started.

The success of the newsletter could not be made possible without the well-researched recommendations on what to buy and what not to. The purchase recommendations have without doubt struck a right chord with investors of all sorts. In his own description, Paul Mampilly suggests that publication targets Main Street Americans looking for practical investment. Unlike in the traditional finance media, the publication’s readers just want opportunities to grow their investments.

The high growth rate can be explained by the strategy that targets the ordinary and underserved Americans. The strategy is in line with Paul Mampilly’s potential to identify and exploit potential growth opportunities in sectors under focus. It’s good to note that many financial periodicals experienced declining growth rates over the same period.

Paul Mampilly has leveraged his experience in the world of investment to provide his readers with easy to implement financial decisions. The focus of his business analysis recommendations is the ordinary guy who is not an investment analyst. By identifying growth opportunities in small capitalized companies and ignored biotech stocks, Paul Mampilly has seen readers’ confidence in his analysis increase.

With more than 25 years of experience in Wall Street, it is expected that Paul Mampilly is an expert in the field. Paul Mampilly was born in the Southern part of India. He moved to the United States of America in when he was 18 years old. He then joined the Montclair University where he acquired a university degree in finance. As years went by, he also joined Fordham University Gabelli School of Business where he acquired his MBA. As a vivid reader, he has a huge collection of books in his library and taken various courses in economics financial engineering.

Career-wise, Paul Mampilly began his work in Wall Street in 1991. He worked for the Bankers Trust before moving to the Deutsche Bank where he grew up the ladder. He also worked for the ING and the Royal Bank of Scotland. He then moved to portfolio management where most of his skills were successful tried and tested.

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Desiree Perez Deals With Roc Nation

After an epic decade of ruling the entertainment industry with his Roc Nation brand, curtains are set to close on Jay-Z’s record label Roc Nation. The deal which cost the rap mogul an estimated $150 million in 2008 has set tongue wagging and threw potential investors into the fray.

According to sources connected to the two partners in the deal, there is a possibility that Roc Nation maybe considering to extend the deal. However, Jay Z is said to be considering an exit from the deal especially in the area that deals with recorded music. The Roc Nation deal involves music side as well as the clothing side. Jay Z is said to be more interested in the fashion deal rather than the music deal. With Jay Z supposedly backing out of the deal, the fate of the artists signed to record label such as Rihanna, Shakira, Meek Mill, and Fat Joe remains unknown.

Speculation has been rife that Jay Z maybe considering to sign a deal with Universal Music Group. This was after Jay Z was spotted leaving the UMG offices based in Santa Monica California together with his executive Desiree Perez. Desiree has always been the deal breaker when it comes to making business deals associated with Roc Nation.

UMG, on its part, has not denied or agreed to the deal. An insider of the company actually believes that a deal with Roc Nation would be good for business based on the friendship that exists between Jay Z and UMG CEO Sir Lucian Grainge. However, the representatives of Roc Nation, Jay Z, and UMG have not commented on the issue.

Desiree Perez is the current CEO of Roc Nation; a position she has held since the year 2009. As the CEO of the company, Perez has been involved in numerous deals that involve Roc Nation and the current artists. For instance, she was involved in securing a Samsung deal for Rihanna.

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It’s easy to find affordable Samoan flight deals that fly to the Fagali’I Airport

The airport is located in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean. It once consisted of just mowed grass airstrips. In the past, it was decommissioned because of the sound of the airplanes. Nearly a decade ago it was re-opened. It’s become a popular flight destination for people interested in visiting Fagali’I, Upola island, or any of the Samoan islands. The airport is roughly 2500 miles from Brisbane, Australia, and 2600 miles south-southwest of Hawaii, United States. Fagali’I’s population is roughly 1700. The airport’s main partners are Polynesian Airlines and Samoa Air. It’s also a typical stop for travelers flying to Pago Pago.

We found several deals to fly to the Fagali’I Airport in January. At we found round-trip tickets leaving California for about $1000.00 United States Dollars. On we also found from California round-trip air, with 16-day hotel stay starting at $1195 for one person’s flights and hotel stay! It’s a great luxury destination that is also affordable for people on any budget.

The Fagali’I Airport provides access to a lot of great tourist destinations and activities. Some of our favorites Samoan tourism hotspots include:

  • The Samoan islands have world-renowned surfing beaches. Just be careful there can be big pacific ocean waves.
  • Fagali’I is the perfect destination to start a boat trip. There are hundreds of islands scattered for hundreds of miles around the Samoas. Depending on the season you could take a boat trip to Hawaii, or Australia.
  • The airport is a short distance from breathtaking mountainous hiking adventures. You can see waterfalls, volcanoes, and ancient caves on Upola! You can also see marvelous lava
  • The ocean waters around the Samoan islands are famous for their great fishing.
  • The royal Samoan golf course. It’s coincidentally next to the airport.
  • You can watch a sunrise or sunset depending on which side of the island you’re on.




Tony Petrello Donates Millions to Texas Children’s Hospital for Neurological Research

Tony Petrello, the CEO of Nabors Industries Limited, recently donated $5 million to Texas Children’s Hospital. The money will be used to fund research that will seek solutions for neurological disorders in children. Tony’s daughter was born premature and suffers from a neurological condition called periventricular leukomalacia. This disorder can cause developmental delays and cerebral palsy. Tony’s eight-year-old daughter suffered so much that she only recently became able to eat cereal without assistance. Tony has earmarked an additional $2 million towards this important research. The ultimate goal is to enable children who suffer from neurological disorders to be able to grow into independent adults.

Tony’s philanthropic efforts extend far beyond his most recent investment. He created the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital in 2007 through a $50 million donation. Tony donated an additional $7 million to Texas Children’s Hospital in 2006 in order to fund research into children’s neurological disorders. He also funded an endowment worth up to $300,000 at Yale University that will benefit mathematics majors. The endowment honors the late Professor Serge Lang who taught mathematics at Yale.

Tony Petrello earned an advanced education from both Yale University and Harvard Law School. He earned both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science degree in Mathematics from Yale. Tony later acquired a Juris Doctorate degree from Harvard Law School.

Tony’s first experience in the corporate world began in 1979 when he joined the Baker and McKenzie Law Firm. His solid performance there led to his promotion to Managing Partner in 1986. In 1991, Tony advanced his career by becoming the President of Nabors Industries’ Board of Directors. His hard work in that position earned him a reputation for being able to get things done. Tony was later promoted to Deputy Chairman in 2003. His experience in effective corporate resource management earned him the Chief Operating Officer position until he was promoted to Chief Executive Officer in 2011. Tony’s impressive work as CEO earned him a promotion to Chairman of the Board in 2012. Tony continues to heavily invest his personal wealth into philanthropic efforts that benefit children around the world.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Constant Mission to Improve the Healthcare System

The cost of healthcare has been rising over the past few years, prompting medical researchers to look at the underlying reasons for the continuous rise. Researchers investigating changes in healthcare cost between 1996 and 2013 came up with a conclusion that the higher charges that Americans are experiencing are as a result of specific care that is intense and expensive as opposed to drug or medication prices. Population growth and an increase in the aging population were other factors driving the care cost changes. To be more specific, Americans spent $933 billion in 2013 more than they did in 1996. The researchers opted to break down healthcare cost into specific healthcare spending requirements of various diseases. Top spending drivers differed from one illness to another, for example, diabetes, had different value drivers compared to low back and neck pains.

In the thick and thin of the healthcare wobbles is Eric Lefkofsky who has co-founded a tech company, Tempus, that is working to build the necessary technological infrastructure to standardize and modernize treatment of cancer. Eric Lefkofsky’s venture collects huge amounts of genomic data, and through statistical analysis tools coupled with proprietary algorithms, they unearth opportunities specific to patients enabling physicians to make better and informed treatment decisions. The standardizing of cancer treatment will work in the long run to stabilize health care costs for cancer patients.

Philanthropically, Eric Lefkofsky has donated huge sums of money to charitable causes supporting cancer treatment and research. And in 2006 Eric Lefkofsky teamed up with his wife to establish the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. In its mission, the foundation hopes to support charitable, scientific, and educational organizations and causes across the globe. The foundation avails funds to medical research institutions such as North Shore University Health System in Chicago, Lurie Children’s Memorial Hospital which also hosts Lefkofsky Family Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and the University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital. Cancer centers such as American Brain Tumor Association founded by Susan Kramer, Damon Runyon, and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center have all been beneficiaries of the Lefkofsky Family Foundation funds. On the global stage, the foundation’s funds causes working to enhance human rights.

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End Citizens United Reveals The Loopholes In The Laws Surrounding Foreign Donations To Political Campaigns

James Anderson recently published an article on Hi-Tech Chronicle, a website created to publish independent and informative information on the latest trends in technology and science. James Anderson is the editor for the website and also writes articles about business and technology. The article called “Russians Weren’t the Only Meddlers in the 2016 Election According to End Citizens United” discusses the recent release of information regarding the influence of foreign money on the 2016 presidential elections in the United States.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has revealed more and more evidence on the influence of advertisements on social media platforms which were purchased by the Russians to influence the presidential campaign. Though it is unclear if America’s elected officials were working directly with the Russians, it is clear America’s representatives are complicit in the corruption of the electoral process by permitting Big Money to donate to political campaigns.

Though foreign money is technically not allowed to supply resources to political campaigns, it is difficult to prevent particularly when it is unclear what the consequences are when it does happen. American law is currently incredibly lax about the finance campaign laws, making it difficult to prevent foreign money from intervening in political campaigns.


In the past several years, many right wing lobbyists and lawmakers sought to take down the laws made to prevent and limit financial donations to campaigns. Because of this, those with large amounts of money can have a huge influence in the political process and many of these individuals are not even citizens.

The recent Russian digital campaign discovered by Mueller is only the beginning. There are a variety of loopholes in the law which makes it almost impossible to discover how much foreign money was invested in the campaigns of 2016.

For example, both Chinese and Mexican individuals were able to donate huge sums of money through their corporations to different super PACs. There are more than 15 different instances currently being in investigated for illegal foreign money being contributed to the campaigns. However, it is incredibly difficult to discover just how much was spent because there are not enough regulations enforcing the tracking of the donations.

End Citizens United is seeking to change that. They are a grassroots nonprofit organization that is dedicated to backing politicians and reforms that will limit the influence of money in the political election process. The Political Action Committee began in 2010 after they recognized the awful effects of Citizens United.

End Citizens United is attempting to raise awareness about the issue of money in politics and support pro-reform candidates.

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Betsy DeVos: The Education Secretarys Philanthropy

The 11th United States Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, has been in the headlines recently. Her confirmation as a cabinet secretary resulted in a tie, wherein half of the Senate rejected her application while the other half of the senate confirmed her. Mike Pence, the current vice president of the United States, has to step up and break the tie. He voted in favor of Betsy DeVos, confirming her as the 11th United States Secretary of Education. It was the first time that it happened in the history of the United States, and it is the reason why it made the news. Known as a vocal supporter of programs that are helping the population gain access to education and social welfare, Betsy Devos has been considered as one of the best choices to head the Education Department. She has been giving school vouchers to those who are having a hard time sending their children to school, and she is also an advocate of the freedom of school choice. She wanted to elevate the condition of American education, which is why she decided to work as the head of the Education Department. She believes that through her initiatives, the status of education in the United States can be improved.


Aside from working for the government, Betsy DeVos is also busy looking after her businesses. She is the daughter of Edgar Prince, known as the founder of Prince Corporation. She is married to Dick DeVos, a former Amway executive who belongs to one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in the United States. Her influence in the world of business and politics has given her the edge in creating foundations and charities that will help the people who are in need. She is also using all her power to achieve the goal that she wanted in the first place – providing every American with quality and affordable education.


Betsy DeVos is actively participating in philanthropic works. She likes to help different groups and organizations which promote arts and education. She is also donating some of her money to several charities and foundations, and their family was even considered as one of the most generous families in the United States. Her family is also running several foundations, including The Prince Foundation, which was established by her father, where she served as the vice president; and The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, created by her husband. Through this foundation, they manage to donate some of their wealth to organizations and institutions which share the same idea that they are promoting. It includes schools, hospitals, research centers, museums, and even the Christian church’s missions. Betsy DeVos also plays a vital role in the establishment of Art Prize, an art competition that is currently known as one of the most significant art events in the world, attended by thousands coming from different countries.


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