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Michael Phelps Feels Passionately About Talkspace

Michael Phelps is the new spokesman for Talkspace. It is something he feels passionately about, as he is a sufferer from mental illness himself. Talkspace is an online service that offers mental health care for a variety of illnesses. Michael Phelps knows what it is like to feel like there is nowhere to turn for help. There were days at a time he would stay inside his room and not talk to anyone. He felt that it would be weak to ask anyone for help. He know knows that is not true, and he wishes there had been a service like Talkspace for him to use. Check out this article of talkspace at

Talkspace is a confidential online service that uses fully qualified therapists to help people with their mental health issues. They connect with their patients through video chats and texts. It is a perfect service for people who cannot afford or access traditional mental health programs. Founder Oren Frank saw the need to give patients a place turn to in order to get top quality care. It is often difficult for sufferers to get help around them, as there is still a negative connotation to mental health issues. Talkspace offers their service for $79 a week. The fact that they have already helped over a million people shows that there are a lot of people who need their services.

They are looking to expand their practice, and they hope to soon be able to offer prescription medication. They are also looking to get employers involved, as there is a need for quality mental health care in all companies. In the companies that have partnered with Talkspace, up to 10% of employees have used the services.

Michael Phelps shows that anyone can suffer from mental illness, and he is also showing that it is important for people to ask for help. Talkspace is there for them to talk to.



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