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How Krishen Iyer Is Changing Email Responsiveness

In order to succeed in business, the company must find a need and fulfill it. This isn’t a problem in the health and dental insurance industries. For health providers and dentists, the need is obvious; but it’s still a challenge to reach potential new patients through email. For Krishen Iyer it took recognition of filling a void for him to start a unique email marketing consulting firm. Krishen Iyer is CEO and founder of Managed Benefits Services (Fresno, CA), which provides innovative email marketing campaigns and benefit lead management. Along with this his company is dedicated to ensuring his health insurance clients receive the highest yield for email marketing. Each campaign should produce a return gained from the investment.


How can a business generate sales or reach new potential clients, if the emails aren’t even opened? This is where Krishen Iyer and Managed Benefits Services uses emails with a “multilayered marketing platform.” A multilayered approach allows fast growing organic lead generation. Krishen and his firm uses filters to capture organic impressions and then turns them into useful information. The information is compiled into user snapshots, getting rid of low quality contacts immediately and retaining possible real time leads.


Krishen Iyer runs a blog where he discusses topics of interests. In the opening dialogue, he includes a photo of his wife and two young children. His entries run the gamut everything from talking about eating vegetarian dishes in Costa Rica, the “Wounded Warrior” project to working with the Make-A-Wish foundation. In his career Krishen maintains a focus on developing real time leads through effective email marketing. After graduating from San Diego State University, Krishen became involved in digital marketing. His interest lead him to founding his own entrepreneurial business. However, he still takes time out to engage in philanthropic efforts in his local community.

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