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How Krishen Iyer Is Changing Email Responsiveness

In order to succeed in business, the company must find a need and fulfill it. This isn’t a problem in the health and dental insurance industries. For health providers and dentists, the need is obvious; but it’s still a challenge to reach potential new patients through email. For Krishen Iyer it took recognition of filling a void for him to start a unique email marketing consulting firm. Krishen Iyer is CEO and founder of Managed Benefits Services (Fresno, CA), which provides innovative email marketing campaigns and benefit lead management. Along with this his company is dedicated to ensuring his health insurance clients receive the highest yield for email marketing. Each campaign should produce a return gained from the investment.


How can a business generate sales or reach new potential clients, if the emails aren’t even opened? This is where Krishen Iyer and Managed Benefits Services uses emails with a “multilayered marketing platform.” A multilayered approach allows fast growing organic lead generation. Krishen and his firm uses filters to capture organic impressions and then turns them into useful information. The information is compiled into user snapshots, getting rid of low quality contacts immediately and retaining possible real time leads.


Krishen Iyer runs a blog where he discusses topics of interests. In the opening dialogue, he includes a photo of his wife and two young children. His entries run the gamut everything from talking about eating vegetarian dishes in Costa Rica, the “Wounded Warrior” project to working with the Make-A-Wish foundation. In his career Krishen maintains a focus on developing real time leads through effective email marketing. After graduating from San Diego State University, Krishen became involved in digital marketing. His interest lead him to founding his own entrepreneurial business. However, he still takes time out to engage in philanthropic efforts in his local community.

There’s A New Boss On Madison Street

Madison Street Capital is an investment firm that was founded in 2005 as a middle market investment banking company. Middle market business owners know it’s essential to have a good investment strategy in place to set your business on a sure path of growth. When deciding on the best approach, business owners need a financial advisor with a track record of success. Madison Street Capital has a proven record of success in the investment banking industry. The recent addition of a new managing director to its capital market team Lawrence Alioto.


Who Is Lawrence Alioto


Before Madison Street Capital, Lawrence Alioto started his career working for on the floor Chicago Mercantile Exchange trading currency futures. After that, Alioto worked as a registered representative at the PainWebber Company in San Francisco California. During the 90’s Lawrence began operating within the realms of private equity. Starting in 2004, Mr. Alioto worked at VeriTrainer Corporation as a developer of radiation scanning systems, operating as one of the founding members of the company.


From medical devices to energy-efficient technologies and film production, Lawerence possesses a wide array of experience in numerous industries, this is why he is the perfect fit for Madison Street Capital. The work that Madison Street Capital reputation does for investors is important, especially within the realms of new technology. Madison Street offers new and middle market businesses the chance to take advantage of growth and investment strategies typically reserved for higher market companies. As the company prepares for its expansion into Austin is planning to focus attention on institutional investors and their increasing allocations to alternative asset management sector. Having assisted numerous clients in many industries Madison Capital understands that there isn’t a one size fits all when it comes to investing. As Madison Street Capital moves into 2019, Lawerence Alioto is sure to make his presence known.


Connect with Madison Street Capital on LinkedIn.

How Aloha Restoration Helps Their Clients with

One of the most important jobs Aloha Restoration handles is mold removal and addressing moisture issues. The company provides trained professionals to handle a variety of mold problems for both residential and commercial clients. The company even has the capacity to help industrial customers with some of the mold removal options they offer. By looking at the mold problem, providing different removal options and giving people a chance to be a part of the process, Aloha Restoration allows their customers to understand they can get help with the problem without the need for expensive or complicated interventions.


Water is another issue Aloha Restoration handles. They offer these services along with mold removal and restoration. Many times, water damage leads to mold damage which can pose huge problems for customers when they’re working with them. The company provides a professional water removal service to all their customers. They use industrial equipment and work to remove the water as quickly as possible to help more people with the water issues they might be facing. Whether the water is there due to a flood or any other natural disaster, Aloha Restoration might be able to help their clients get rid of it so they can continue using their building.


Natural disasters can cause huge problems for both business owners and residential clients. Aloha Restoration understands the issues that might come from natural disasters and they work to address these issues when working with customers. Since Aloha Restoration is a professional company with years of experience, they know what to expect when a natural disaster comes. They look for water, water damage and mold as a result. The company customizes a plan of attack for natural disasters that’s custom-made to suit each situation they work in. Customizing the plan helps them tackle all the problems.


Shervin Pishevar decries the lose of fall Silicon Valley in a tweet storm

After a 21-hour long tweet storm by Shervin Pishevar early this year where he talked about the US economy, globalization, cryptocurrencies, and other finance-related issues, it is time to look at some of the predictions he made. He has quoted a link on the Bloomberg Markets Watch which indicates that the markets have entered a correction phase and a rate hike is imminent. The predictions he made about a shift in the economy are now coming out true. His brilliance in making correct predictions is attributed to his business endeavors. He has spent all his career life making projections on businesses that are likely to perform well in coming years.

Shervin Pishevar is venture capitalist who have worked in the Silicon Valley for a long time. He has supported startups such as Uber to develop into Unicorns in a short time. His tweets about the declining stock market were proved a short time after. The stock market recorded a drop a large drop within one week.

Shervin Pishevar has proved his understanding of the economy by predicting matters that turned out exactly as he had predicted. He has also shown that his opinion should never be ignored by anyone who is in the investment industry. He can provide some good points that indicate some of the things investors should look into before making any decision.

Shervin Pishevar has decried the impact of the US monopolies in the tech industry. Five companies have shown monopoly tendencies. Amazon, Facebook, Alphabet, Microsoft, and Apple have shown that they do not mean well for the startups. They are making it hard for any startup in Silicon Valley to thrive. These are some of the reasons Pishevar tweeted that Silicon Valley is losing its competitive edge.

Shervin worked with President Obama in the creation of the Startup Visa Act which was meant to support immigrant talent in the United States. This act was meant to facilitate immigrant talent in the United States. However, it failed to pass through the Congress, and Pishevar insinuated to this as another factor that has contributed to the decline of the Silicon Valley as the leading innovations hub.

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