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Ara Chackerian Is A Successful Entrepreneur And Business Owner.

When it comes to business ownership and entrepreneurism, Ara Chackerian is a success story. Ara Chackerian worked to co-found Limonapa Teak for many important reasons. The big reason is his mission to help leave the earth in a better condition than how he discovered it.


By co-founding Limonapa Teak, Chackerian hatched some key entrepreneurial opportunities in South America. It directly affected groups and local communities in South America for the better. Ara Chackerian helped to provide benefits to many of those who were directly involved in the business projects that Ara had set up. By using his entrepreneurial talents, Chackerian provided critical benefits to the locals who were directly involved in these projects.


The earth’s fragile balance is very important to Ara. According to, environmentalists like Chackerian work hard to reduce carbon footprints and make the areas where Limonapa Teak are to work. The Limonapa Teak farm helps to illustrate how entrepreneurs who invest monies into a niche sector like timber can also be ethical as it concerns the earth’s environment. Ara is someone who is trying to make a real difference.



Ara is also showing his industry that many different companies form a key part of the forest and timber industries. Ara has also been motivated to help put many different initiatives regarding forest management that has produced very tangible results for the area of South America where Limonapa Teak farm is located.


Ara Chakerian was educated at Florida State University and received a Bachelor’s degree there. Because he is a college graduate, Ara has helped too put his education to good use over the years; especially when it comes to his business acumen. People like Ara Chackerian have shown a good example regarding sustainable farming and the ability to also support the locals who know this part of South America well. Are has emulated the concept that it is feasible to be profitable in teak and support sustainability efforts. See Linked In for more info.


Sustainable living allows for communities where Limonapa Teak to benefit. Employment opportunities among the locals as well as producing important goods are some of the pluses. Teak can also be exchanged internationally for goods as well. Visit the website




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