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How Marathon Pharmaceuticals Revolutionized How Children’s Veins Are Accessed

Marathon Pharmaceuticals, LLC, is a Chicago area company that develops, manufactures, and commercializes specialty medications. They provide treatments for a number of diseases such as cancer, central nervous system disorders, and gastrointestinal diseases. They were founded in 2008 and have a number of medications that have received FDA approval.

One of their most popular products is ZiNGO which is now being used in pediatric hospitals and clinics across the nation. Children who need their blood drawn or are about to have surgery is what this product is used for. Without the use of a needle, it numbs the area around where a vein needs to be entered by a medical device. The child doesn’t feel any pain and so it is much gentler on them and reduces the pain and anxiety that they experience. This has proven to be Marathon Pharmaceuticals top-selling product. (thenewsversion)

Dr. William Zempsky of the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center called ZiNGO a breakthrough product. In the past children either needed to deal with the pain of having a vein accessed or else nurses would use a local anesthetic which would take up to an hour to become effective. This made using local anesthetics very difficult to use because the healthcare environment is too fast-paced to wait for one to become effective. Before ZiNGO was introduced nurses had to forego patient comfort which was especially troublesome with a child patient who needed to have their veins accessed several times a day.

Another product that Marathon Pharmaceuticals has on the market is Amytal Sodium. This is a barbiturate derivative which is used to sedate patients. It depresses the sensory cortex and hence the entire central nervous system. This results in the patient having reduced motor activity as well as being drowsier. It is used as a short-term treatment for patients who are experiencing insomnia. They also have a similar product on the market called Seconal Sodium. This medication, also a barbiturate derivative, is used on patients who are going into surgery as a form of a pre-anesthetic.


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