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Southridge Capital Uses Historic Technological Process to Bring Cryptocurrencies Vision into 21st Century

After its invention in just a little more than a decade, Bitcoin, a Southridge Capital company, has become somewhat of an enigma to society. The digital money, at its very core, is technically known as cryptography. The term cryptography refers to a standard process of changing something that is legible into uncrackable and more complicated detail. Most often, it’s used as a code to track certain purchases and transfers that need to held in at a higher level of security. The process has been around since the World War II era and was used to secure communications. Additionally, the process was theorized with mathematical computations and computer science, before evolving as it has now for the transfer of money online.


Today, Southridge cryptocurrencies are used to enable consumers to conduct secure and anonymous payments, as well as being able to store money privately. There isn’t a need for a bank because of a process called – decentralized technology. Decentralized technology is formed by using a blockchain and a public ledger that is distributed with a secure record of any transaction transmitted or updated by currency holders. There were almost 1,000 when it was first introduced to the internet, and during its peak towards the end of 2017, Bitcoin had a value that reached $20,000. Despite an astounding enigma about cryptocurrencies, Southridge Capital recorded $1.7 billion in direct investment growth since being founded. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Steven Hicks has spent 30 years in the investment industry and founded Southridge Capital in 1996. As Chief Executive Officer and founding principle, Mr. Hicks is responsible for the strategic development and business development of Bitcoin and other Southridge Capital-owned companies. His broad experience has provided a substantial amount of expertise in the area of business execution, financial structuring, risk arbitrage and of course, investment banking. The concept for Southridge Capital came while Mr. Hicks was working at a New York hedge fund and discovered that the principal owner was returning to Australia. The fated opportunity allowed him to create the company while remaining a part of the hedge fund as a central owner. As an entrepreneur at heart, when asked what he would say to his younger self, Mr. Hicks stated, “Do [fewer] deals and focus on cash instead of return and never put good money after bad.”

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Fagali Airport Boosts Air Travel in Samoa

Fagali Airport is a small private airstrip (670 meters or 2,198 feet in length) on the island of Upolu in Samoa. It is currently owned by the Government of Samoa but was previously co-owned by Polynesian Airlines. Fagali Airport’s respective IATA and ICAO codes are FGI and NSFI. The airport is located next to the Royal Samoa Golf Course in Fagali’i-Uta, approximately 5 kilometers southeast of Apia, the capital of Samoa.

Fagali Airport primarily serves in the daytime. Nighttime flights are handled by the nearby Faleolo International Airport, which is about a 5-minute drive away, located in Apia. Polynesian Airlines purchased an additional DHC-6 Twin Otter to provide more inter-island route support. Current routes include service to Pago Pago and Savai’i of American Samoa and weekly service to the Ofu-Olosega Islands. Visit for more info.

Some of the airlines that have operated from the Fagali Airport include Samoa Air, Polynesian Airlines, South Pacific Island Airways, and Talofa Airways. Currently, it appears as though only Polynesian and Talofa Airways operate from Fagali. The third primary airline of the nation, Samoa Air, has appeared to cease operations. There have been no updates from the company since 2015. While Talofa Airways began operations in 2016, it is unclear if the two companies are related.

Though it is currently operational, Fagali Aiport has had a number of closures. In January 2002 the runway reopened after it was paved, a renovation from a previous grass-only airstrip. In January 2005 until July 2009, it was closed again, this time over concerns regarding noise and safety for the residents of the island. Its reopening included a grand ceremony, news coverage, and commentary from Polynesian Airline general manager Brent Schwenke.

The approximately 1,500 residents of Fagali’i offered a variety of feedback on the operations and closures of the airport, ranging from support for the island’s economy to criticism of the airport’s environmental impact. Visit:’i-airport


José Auriemo Neto- Chairman And CEO Of JHSF

José Auriemo Neto is the CEO of the largest real estate investment companies in Brazil known as JHSF. This company deals with the development of commercial residential houses. It is actually the number one company in the country to engage in the development of malls. JHSF has started as a construction company in the 1970s, but over time, it grew into one of the top companies in the world. It has been developing hotels and restaurants, shopping complexes and even private airports.

Some of the landmark real estate projects it has done include Cidade Jardim shopping complex in São Paulo. This was the first shopping complex in the country. It was constructed in 2001 and incorporated even subway. It made it easier for customers to get a means of transport back home after shopping in the mall. This was just the beginning of the company large projects. Other projects have been coming up over the years. Others include Ponta Negra shopping center in Manaus, Metrô Tucuruv and the Bela Vista in Salvador.

The development of JHSF has everything to do with the leadership of the company. The person behind the recent developments in the company is the Chair and Chief Executive Officer of JHSF, José Auriemo Neto. Under his leadership, the company has made milestones in changing the country’s real estate landscape.

José Auriemo Neto has also taken the company in the retail sector path. They have been partnering with top brands in the world to open up shops in the malls they have built. This is one of the best ways of ensuring that the malls are always full of business activities.

José Auriemo Neto joined the firm in the 1990s after he graduated from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP) University in São Paulo. When he joined JHSF, he came up with the idea of the parking lot management company which he called Parkbem.

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Kevin Seawright is a Man of the Future

Kevin Seawright has distinguished himself in the administrative and financial operations field and has worked to enhance communities along the East Coast. Armed with a Master’s Degree in Accounting from Almeda University and an Executive Leadership Certificate from the Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business, he took on several employment challenges with various companies and provided services that included payroll director, managing fiscal officer, finance director and director of business strategies. Follow Kevin Seawright on Twitter for more updates.

Through his efforts, determination and hard work, Mr. Seawright has earned a reputation for being an efficient manager. His leadership skills led his team to finding unique solutions to simple, as well as complex problems. He took on the role of the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and Executive Vice President for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC). The entity serves as the catalyst for economic development by attracting, retaining and growing businesses and commercial enterprises in the city of Newark and the surrounding area. The entity is also tasked with encouraging residential development in the area.

His experience in business, finance and construction in the public, private and government sector has given him the most effective background to lead the Newark CEDC. The benefits afforded to the area include tax credits and exemptions at the state level, discount advertising, business counseling and advice for small business owners, as well as entrepreneurs, real estate development loans for large scale projects and façade improvement grants. In his role as CFO, Kevin Seawright uses his experience to create and develop solutions and initiatives for Newark.

In addition to being a businessman and entrepreneur, Mr. Seawright is also a philanthropist. He believes it is important to give back to his community by investing his time and financial resources to help others. Strong families contribute greatly to better neighborhoods and communities and that is part of the overall solution to creating and maintaining better economic conditions within the City of Newark and the surrounding area.

Kevin Seawright has also been the recipient of several awards recognizing his achievements within his community including the Met Life recipient of the Bridges to the Future. The award is given to operational and financial professionals. Read more:

OSI Food Solutions, Supplies Restaurant Foods Globally

OSI Food Solutions in Toledo, Spain, added a high-volume assembly line in its factory. The investment of 17 million increased the chicken output from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons each year. The expansion has increased the total meat capacity to over 45,000 tons including beef, pork and chicken products.

The fast-growing demand for chicken in Portugal and Spain, lead OSI Food Solutions, to expand their plant. Over the past decade, the demand for chicken has grown more than 6 per cent. The last three years the demand for chicken products has grown 8 per cent per year. OSI is ready for the demand and is expecting continued growth in the future.

The expansion to the existing factory totaled 22,600 square feet. A new production hall was added along with storage for supplies and a new shipping and receiving area. There is now a service area for oil, nitrogen tanks and refrigerated rooms. A new social area for the employees was also added. In order to better serve clients and consumers, a new product development kitchen was also added.

OSI Food Solutions has high standards for sustainability. The new equipment has already reduced the use of electricity by almost 20 percent. They were granted 1.5 million by the regional government in recognition of their employment, development and sustainability. The European Agricultural Guarantee Fund, gave them the funds in 2016.

Flagship Europe was OSI’s third purchase. I was purchased in the winter of 2016. Renamed in January 2018, Flagship Europe, became Creative Foods Europe. They now supply the UK market with sous vide products, frozen poultry, condiments, like mayonnaise, sauces and dressings, along with pies. They now also have sandwich fillings, marinades and dips, thanks to the buying of Calder Foods.

OSI’s President and Chief Operating Officer, David McDonald said the purchase of OSI Europe, has increased the company’s presence in Europe. The increased number of resources that OSI gained will help expand the Flagship Europe’s global market and expand its customer base. Flagship Europe now has the chance to supply their customers with the foods they want and need. OSI Food Solutions is also proud to add many new job positions in their company.

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William Saito’s Views on Cyber-Security in Japan

William Saito is a successful business man who has been a part of the business world and the tech world for some time now. His hard work and his knowledge in regards to the tech world have allowed him to become a successful CEO and founder of his company. To this day he is known as one of the most influential people for Japan for all that he has been able to accomplish. He has been able to serve Japan in helping them grow in the technological aspect as well making sure that they had cyber security. His knowledge in this topic has been able to help many in Japan be able to understand and be able to properly use the technological gadgets in a safe way. He has also had the opportunity to be able to work with government affairs and be able to explain to them how cyber security works and methods that they can use to keep any private information from being exposed. William Saito has always been very dedicated and determined to start his own business. He was able to start his own business before he even gradated from school. His hard work allowed him to be able to develop his own software programs that he would eventually use to help teach others about technology and cyber security. His hard work has never gone unnoticed and has always been recognized by his community and of course by Japan. He has been nominated to receive many prestigious awards and be able to be on highly prestigious lists as well. William Saito is hard working man who looks out for the well being of others around him. His hard work and his willingness to serve others have inspired many all through Japan. His accomplishments are worthy of admiration.



Different Ways That Whitney Wolfe Empowers Women for Independence

Many people like to talk about independence. However, the surprising fact is that a lot of people do not get to experience it. Many people often find themselves living at the mercy of someone who is on a power trip. This is something that is known too well by women. Fortunately, women have been able to make progress in the fight for their own independence. The best part is that this is only the beginning. One woman is taking on some of the important aspects of women’s freedom and independence. Whitney Wolfe has been taking on many different aspects of women’s empowerment.

All of the efforts that Whitney Wolfe has put toward women’s empowerment can be summed up in one word. That word is Bumble. Bumble is the app that handles not just dating, but friendships and business. This app has been designed with women being the primary focus. One thing that Whitney Wolfe has done is set up a platform for women to make the first move in dating. This is surprisingly empowering in that a lot of women would love to make the first move with men that they are interested in. This gives them more control over how their ability to find the right relationships.

Another way that Whitney Wolfe has empowered women is by giving them a platform to connect with one another. Women can connect with one another for friendships without having men interrupt the whole process. One of the best aspects of empowerment is the ability for women to network with one another for business opportunities. One thing that Whitney Wolfe has done was provide a platform for something that is very powerful for women when it comes to being independent and gaining the equality they desire. Whitney shows women how they can overcome issues such as glass ceiling and discrimination. Tinder and Bumble Are Seriously at War

Dr. Jennifer Walden Has Become A Top Cosmetic Surgeon Due To Her Commitment To Staying True To Her Philosophy:

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of America’s most respected cosmetic surgeons. She is the founder of her own Austin, Texas-based practice called Jennifer L. Walden, M.D., PLLC which also has a second location in the town of Marble Falls, Texas. Dr. Walden offers a truly wide range of cosmetic surgery options at her locations. Procedures offered include cosmetic surgery for the face, body and breasts as well as vaginal rejuvenation procedures and injectables, to name just a few options. Dr. Walden is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and received her MD degree from the University of Texas. A residency at the University of Texas and a fellowship done at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital gave Dr. Walden the prestigious background to become one of the most celebrated cosmetic surgeons in the United States today. She has had a passion for the field of surgery since she was young and even drew the attention of her teachers as far back as the eighth grade. She is also well known for her generous philanthropic work and commitment to breast cancer awareness.

One of the major factors that have made Dr. Jennifer Walden so successful in the field of cosmetic surgery is the fact that she adheres to a consistent philosophy in everything that she does in her medical practice. At the heart of this philosophy is Dr. Walden’s desire to promote the well-being of her patients. She accomplishes this by treating each person case by case and tailoring procedures to fit the needs of individual clients. This philosophy has led Dr. Jennifer Walden to earn prestigious awards such as being named one of the top twenty-four beauty surgeons in the United States in 2014 by Harper’s Bazaar.

Philanthropy is also important to Dr. Jennifer Walden’s and she makes regular donations to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The society is based in Southern Texas. She is also known for her dedicated commitment to spreading awareness of breast cancer. Dr. Walden has also been a steadfast supporter of the Food in Tummies program. The program is a part of the work done by the Junior League of Austin.

Kamil Idris takes a look at the intellectual property rights

According to one of the experts on matters of intellectual property known as Kamil Idris, the new tariffs that have been executed by President Trump will go a long way in curtailing the freedom of trade that China has enjoyed for a long time. The tariffs were passed as a way of curbing illegal acquisitions of American technologies by the Chinese. Chinese have been taking away the intellectual rights of Americans and using them to make substandard goods which have more market, especially in the third world countries. According to U.S trade representatives, the annual theft of intellectual property from America is costing the country between $225 and $600 billion. This is a lot of money noting that Americans should enjoy it but ends up with other countries.

President Trump has made the penalties for intellectual theft the highest in order to curb the issue of intellectual theft from America. To effect this plan, U.S will be imposing tariffs on any goods from China coming into the United States totaling more than $50 billion. Although the tariffs have been said to be a means of punishing China for intellectual theft, the matter has also been perceived as a way of maintaining the national security. The country does not want to see some substandard products which have been made in China selling. China has been the spotlight for various forms of intellectual property theft such as counterfeit products, theft of trade secrets and influencing other business to show them the technologies they apply in manufacturing. These are vital issues which need to be addressed to stop China from engaging in activities which might lead to intellectual theft.

The issue of intellectual theft has been addressed by the Former Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization known as Kamil Idris. The Sudan-born politician knows a lot about intellectual property, and that is why he is able to address such matters with ease. He is also a trained international law attorney. He has received honorary awards from 19 universities for his role in protecting intellectual property.

Kamil Idris has been into politics. In 2010, he was a presidential aspirant in Sudan.


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