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How Equities First Holdings Give Clients Great Loan Terms

In 2012, Equities First Holdings (EFH) has been one of the better performers in the financial sector. The global corporation of EFH celebrated a 15-year anniversary. EFH has performed well over time. They have used a 15-year anniversary, to announce they have been able to deliver over $1 billion dollars to their clients. The office in the United Kingdom had an intricate part in helping the corporation reach a billion dollars in transactions by generating over 700 customer transactions. UK is a new market and the performance shows the company is capable of expanding to other locations such as Australia in China.

An example of the equity loan used involved the Chief Executive Officer Joel Leonoff, Paysafe Group. PLC. He used 1.5 million shares as collateral to secure a loan with term lasting for three years. Leonoff would repay the loan and receive nearly 9 million shares. EEFH always tries to find favorable loan terms for his clients.

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Roseann Bennett: Placing The Spotlight On Marital Depression

Roseann Bennett is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Center of Assessment and Treatment. Working with families for over a decade, Roseann Bennett has helped to shine a light on mental depression.

Serving as the Northern Chapter President of the New Jersey Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, Roseann Bennett has helped many low-income families obtain the mental health care they need.

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Depression is known to affect nearly 15 million American adults, yearly. According to Roseann Bennett, divorce doesn’t directly come from depression, but rather the lack of appropriate care, leading in turn to a feeling of distance and isolation to one partner–resulting in infidelity or divorce.


Depression is typically caused by a triggering event, such as a death in the family or the loss of a job. In a normal event a person will move on from the trigger and be back to their typical self after a few days. However, when a person suffers from episode after episode of depression, it is more likely linked to a change in the brain chemistry.


Typically, the depressed spouse pulls away from the marriage–resulting in the significant other feeling the strain of having to pick up the slack. This can make the significant other feel stressed, cheated and even cause resentment. The couple also finds their sex life soon dwindles, causing another instance of stress on the relationship.


The strain of the depression will eventually push the marriage apart. Resulting in the significant other seeking out a solid relationship elsewhere. However; the marriages that tend to work through this mental illness, are typically the ones that acknowledge the depression. Being honest and aware of what depression is and how it is contributing to each partners behavior allows for healing and moving forward. It is important to understand just how depression is affecting each partner as an individual and as a team. Visit This Page for more information.


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Roseann Bennett: Extraordinary Contributor To The Mental Well-Being Of The American Population

For nearly seventy years, the American mental health industry designates the month of May, Mental Health Awareness Month. Family and marriage therapist, Roseann Bennett is a great contributor to the mental well-being of the American population while attempting to change the way mental health therapy is regarded and trying to make it accessible for all people. She is determined to help families and individual people get the mental health treatment they need, regardless of insurance or financial means.


A very experienced and highly trained mental health provider, Roseann Bennett has an MA and Ed.S. in family and marriage therapy she earned while attending Seton Hall University. She holds an LMFT (a license in marriage and family therapy); she was also awarded a post master’s certification in cognitive behavior therapy from the REACH Institute. She became certified as a Clinical Trauma Professional and a Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional. She is the founder and Executive Director of the Center for Assessment and Treatment, a non-profit mental health organization based in New Jersey.


Roseann Bennett is in charge of direction, leadership, and the coordination of agency programs as executive director. She has a pivotal part in the programs that are developed for various populations, she oversees the preparation of agency budgets and the accounting of funds. She also supervises and evaluates agency employees, creates developmental programs for staff members, which includes student training, and has made it possible for MFT and LAC interns to acquire licensure. As a family and marriage therapist with over a decade of experience, she has been responsible for case supervision, treatment planning, and crisis guidance for hundreds of clients. Go To This Page for more information.


One of the mental health problems Roseann Bennett has focused on is depression. A large portion of the people she has counseled are married couples that are contemplating divorce or separation because one of the partners is being plagued by depression. When counseling couples, she realizes that the main cause for the unhappiness in a relationship is chronic, untreated depression. While depression affects one partner, it has an effect on the other partner, the relationship as a whole, and the entire family unit. Based on her observations and analysis, Roseann Bennett estimates that close to 15 million American adults, or 7 percent of the American population, experiences major depression per year. Read more about Roseann Bennett of Center for Assessment and Treatment: Q&A



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Talos Energy Major Oil Discovery

Talos Energy was formed in the year two thousand and twelve as an independent oil, gas company. The company’s expertise is to produce hydrocarbons in the United States Gulf of Mexico and offshore Mexico. Talos Energy has formed I collaboration with Riverstone Holdings and Apollo Global Management with the purpose of buying holdings in the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf coast. The assets were acquired with the purpose of exploring it and the surroundings, and optimization. The company is also involved in business development ventures that includes JV’s and Farm in’s where they utilize 10.2 million acres of inventory to polish the transaction economics. The Talos Energy management team was constituted and sold to equity-backed companies. In each instance, they delivered expressive returns to each investor. The management team, with its admirable track record, has shown resilience in using innovative techniques to develop top-notch investment opportunities. They have, for over a decade, given good results as a significant exploring and production company.

Talos Energy, a while ago, discovered two million barrels of oil in the shallow waters in the off coast of Mexico. The discovery is the first eloquent find since Mexico opened its gas and oil fields for foreign exploration. The company struck oil 37 miles from Puerto Dos Bocas at the steak of the Southern Coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Tim Duncan, the company’s President, and Chief Executive said that they will take at least four years to develop the finding. This is an important discovery, according to analysts and executives in the company. The finding has triggered interest in drilling for more oil in the border of U.S. Pablo Medina, an analyst at Wood Mackenzie research firm expressed that Zama among the 15 or 20 largest low water fields discovered worldwide in the past twenty years.

This particular discovery has been termed the most important and crucial to the struggling energy sector of Mexico. The well is located five hundred feet of water and has attained an initial depth of eleven thousand feet. This discovery is deemed to be just what is needed to lure Mexico’s need to boost investments from oil majors.

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William Saito Tech Geek and Entrepreneur

Biographical Sketch of his Life

The Japanese-American entrepreneur, William Saito, is a cybersecurity expert. While still a teenager and in high school, he was encouraged by one of his teachers, who recognized is potential, suggested he get himself a computer. Following up on the advice, Saito got very good at reverse engineering everything he could get his hands on. Driven more by an engineering desire to see how things were made rather than a desire to put things together, Saito perfected his analytical skills.

William Saito A/I Systems

After much experimentation, he got interested in security systems in how they work. By the time he was a Junior in high school, he had already begun his own cybersecurity company called A/I Systems, which he later sold to Microsoft in 2000 for an undisclosed amount. Saito was only 34 at the time of sale to Microsoft. He was given recognition as the Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young in 1998.

Growing up near Silicon Valley

William Saito grew up in Walnut, California just miles from Silicon Valley. He was only ten years old when he first got his first internship as a computer programmer. Later in his life, he designed the first calculations for Merril Lynches company by his being hired to solve many mathematical models and calculations for Merril Lynch, which later helped them establish themselves as a trading company platform.

Saito’s New Book

Recently, William Saito published his book “An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur,” which details his life’s work for his earliest years in Walnut to his return to work at NEC. Just out of college, while his friends were working with his company, I/O Systems, they were helping a Japanese company called NEC. NEC was interested in visiting their offices in Southern California.

Work with NEC Computers

William received a four-day notice that Executives form NEC would be visiting them. I/O didn’t have an office at the time, so he and friends had to rent office space and have his friends come into the office an mimic the work they would be doing. The NEC execs were very impressed and thought they were an actual software company. William Saito keeps the Rancho Cucamonga offices as their central headquarters.

Nick Vertucci Helps Others Maximize Their Potential

Nick Vertucci eats, sleeps, and breathes real estate. The entrepreneur and founder of the Nick Vertucci Companies in Southern California, Vertucci had a dream over 20 years ago to share his success with others. In 1997 he created a turn key system that helped other real estate investors buy and sell bank-owned homes for a profit. He has operated his companies successfully for over 20 years and has helped many of his students become highly-successful real estate investors.

A native of Orange County, Nick Vertucci specializes in purchasing homes that are owned by banks, typically because they have been foreclosed on, for prices well below market value. Many of these homes are in disrepair and have been reglected for some time. He works with a general contractor to rehab the homes and sells them at a substantial profit. This puts money in his pocket while also increasing the property values of the neighborhood that the previously-neglected home is located in. He travels across the country holding seminars and training sessions for his unique investment strategy, which focuses on singe-family units. The company that operates this business model is called NV Real Estate Academy.

Before beginning his real estate investment career, Nick was a successful entrepreneur. He founded his own company called Coastline Micro, which sold computer and networking systems to medium and large-sized businesses on the West Coast. The company, which Nick no longer runs day-to-day, has over 100 employees. After stepping down as CEO of Coastline Micro, Nick Vertucci began his real estate career.

Coming from very modest beginnings, Nick has been an entrepreneur since he was a teenager. His success stems fro ma four-step process that he created: See it, Believe it, Map it, and Execute it. It is this seemingly methodical system that he teaches his students and it has been met with great success. A firm believer of self-talk, Vertucci instills an unbreakable confidence in his employees and students. This, he says, is the key to maximizing your potential.

Trump’s Tariffs on China – What that Means for Intellectual Property says Kamil Idris

Hard Hits

Trump is not exactly known for subtlety or finesse. He has proven this once again as he moves forward with some pretty strong tariffs against China. These hard-hitting tariffs Trump claims, are because he believes that China’s U.S. technology acquisitions are, “harmful and unfair“. Where is he getting this information?

Well according to an article written by professor Kamil Idris, former Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization, the United States Trade Representative’s 2017 report, China stealing of American IP’s has already resulted in anywhere from 225 million, to 600 billion dollars. These new tariffs installed by the Trump administration are meant to be a punishment, and to curve the damages already done by the stealing of IPs. This has caused some uproar around the world and is sure to drum up some tension between these two nations, both of which already have an uneasy relationship.

Making Good on a Promise

While most presidents are famous for not doing what they said they would to get elected, Trump seems to be at least making good on part of his promises. It seems as if he will after all be putting a 25% tariff on steel imports, and a 10% import tariff on aluminum. Interestingly enough however, China and Mexico have been left out of these new tariff enforcement.

It seems that Trump has eased up on his campaign against immigration, and instead is trying to foster more peace and harmony between Mexico and America. He has also excluded the always gregarious Canada from these tariffs. Some believe that this will cause a trade war, while others think it is a great way to get America producing internally again, and keep the wealth in the country’s walls and in the hands of the citizens of the United States once again.

An Educated Approach

Professor Kamil Idris, former Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization has been following this story closely. A Sudanese statesman, he holds a bachelor’s degree in law and is still heavily involved in international political affairs. Representatives like him want an educated and balanced approach to international policies.



Charity At His Core: Eric Lefkofsky.

Eric Lefkofsky is a man who knows the meaning of the words giving back. He is a man who wants to make sure that everyone has a shot at making their dreams come true. Eric Lefkofsky is a businessman who was in the right place at the right time when businesses started to take off. In 2016, he co-founded his own company called Tempus. Tempus is a company that provides doctors with cutting-edge technology to help patients battling cancer. Now he wants to make sure to help as many people as he can.

Eric and his wife Liz joined forces to create the Lefofsky Family Foundation in 2006. The foundation helps people in four main areas. Those areas are education, human rights, medical help, and arts and culture. The Lefkofsky’s strongly believe in helping as many causes as they can in the Chicago area and around the country. Here are a couple of these causes.

The first cause is centered around the students of Chicago. It is called Success Bound. With the help of other organizations in the Chicago area, Success Bound helps counselors provide the resources necessary to help students who are struggling in school. The group makes sure that students focus on getting good grades and school attendance in order to succeed at the next level. As of now, Success Bound has helped more than ten thousand students prepare for high school and life beyond.

A second cause they support is the Center for American Progress. The organization was formed in order to get people on different sides of issues together. The group allows analysis and debate of many issues throughout Chicago and the country.

This is only the beginning for Eric Lefkofsky. He believes that causes are worth fighting for and that people are worth it too.

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Connect Now Through MB2 Dental and Build Your Career

MB2 is a platform that seeks to expand dental expertise by having dentists invest in one another. The idea is to establish a recruitment platform to enable future dentists and aspiring medical students to give them opportunities to venture out towards career building. It aims to maximize dental practices and values. When dentists lead, mentor and build each other to align maximum productivity, the overall dental industry benefits. It also has greater impact on the future developments. At MB2 Dental, the value and potential of a dentist is measured by his ability to exercise mentor-ship towards the student dentists and fellow colleagues.

MB2 Dental serves as an organization that arranges partnership with fresh and capable dentists. It maintains 100% clinical autonomy and is efficiently operating every facet of this practice.

MB2 Dental was founded on the principle of integrating doctors by having them work together to help accomplish greater goals than they could through individual pursuits. The company culture is very promotional of this aim and offers an energetic, youthful perspective on managing and developing the field of dentistry. The team at MB2 has managed to change the lives of countless patients and dentists for the better.

Every year MB2 facilitates the meeting and connecting of brilliant dental students eager to learn about this industry. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, CEO of MB2 Dental relays that his goals are to establish recruiting events to produce quality future doctors. He also seeks to educate students on career options, regardless if they wish to work with MB2 Dentalor not. Just being aware of career opportunities in the dental industry is great knowledge itself. The team at MB2 feels privileged to have connected dental students early on in their schooling programs and career developments.

You can learn more about MB2 Dental and their convenient way to get you connected with the world of professionals out there. The organization caters to graduates, associates, students, practitioners and support teams such as hygienist, RDA, manager etc.

Dr Walden, Amazing Plastic Surgeon!

Dr. Jennifer Waldon is a cosmetic surgeon who currently has her own practice is Austin, Texas. Dr. Walden has gained a significant amount of attention from the media for being one of the first doctors to begin using laser machines for vaginoplasties and labiaplasties. Dr. Walden is well known worldwide for being an outgoing caring plastic surgeon.

Behind Dr. Walden’s outgoing personality, is an impressing educational background. Dr. Walden has invested a lot of time into her education. Her educational career began in 1990. Dr. Walden earned her bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Walden had always been interested in the medical field, so naturally, she moved on and eared her medical degree, with a surgical concentration. She graduated medical school as salutatorian.

After completing several medical residencies and taking her state boards, Dr. Walden began working in the medical field. The first job that Dr. Walden had in the medical field was working as a program director at Manhattan Eye Hospital. She worked at this hospital for three years. Once she left this position, she opened her own practice in Manhattan.

In 2011, Dr. Walden relocated to Austin, Texas. After relocating she was able to open her own practice again in Austin. Dr. Walden specializes in breast augmentations, breast reductions, forehead lifts, chin implants, Botox, breast augmentation removals, cheek implants, laser skin resurfacing, and many other procedures as well. Dr. Walden’s patients adore her because she leaves them with very natural postoperative results.

Dr. Walden has published many informative books and she has been mentioned in several magazines. Dr. Walden has received positive attention from the New York Times, Texas Monthly, and Medical Daily Times. Overall, Dr. Walden is a wonderful medical doctor. Dr. Walden is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. Her reputational is phenomenal!

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