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Tempus’s Eric Lefkofsky

Health information technology as an industry is on the verge of revolutionary breakthroughs. Health care is innovating the way we use technology to deliver a customized healthcare care plan. Technological tools has enable us the ability create customized healthcare plans, specific to the needs of each induvial patient. Tempus, a healthcare analytical company based in Chicago IL, is taking an “outside” box approach in the way it is fighting cancer. Eric Lefkofsky, cofounder of Tempus discussed the recent success in securing investors funding dating back to 2015. Mr. Eric Lefkofsky said, one of the advantages Tempus had during its initial startup phase was having access to Eric’s funding. Eric Lefkofsky is also the cofounder of Groupon, and Mr. Lefkofsky initial investment in Tempus using his own money gave the health information technology company the financial freedom to really focus on research.

In September 2015, during the Series A Round, of the early stage venture Tempus secured $ 10 million in investments. June 2016, during the Series B Round, Tempus received $ 10 million. November 2016, Tempus received $ 10 million in investments during the Series B Round. In 2017, in April during the Series B Round, Tempus was the recipient of $ 30 million, and by September the same year, Tempus has received $ 70 million during the Series Round C. The $ 70 million investment during the Series Round C, was from New Enterprise Associates, and Revolutionary Growth. Tempus is currently valued to be worth $ 1.1 billion, making it officially a “Unicorn” startup company. Eric Lefkofsky, explained the recent large investments are due in large part to the understanding the potentially new discoveries in the health information technology. Currently for the first time in history we have access to very large, organized sets of data. Eric Lefkofsky believes, there are potential invaluable healthcare information in these data sets.

Tempus uses the power of data analytics, to help identify effective treatment procedures that can be applied to current cancer patients. Tempus creates a personalized cancer treatment roadmap, based on the patient’s unique needs.

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